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Although online shopping is known to be highly convenient, there are certain aspects of this process that annoys shopaholics. Despite the hugely quick processing and wide availability of choices, sometimes people are hesitant to purchase online due to various reasons. This is not only the fear of online frauds, but also a number of other factors. Listed below are some such aspects that you need to be aware of since they can easily drive your customers away.

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Slow Pages

One of the main reasons why people prefer to shop online is because it is quick and easy. However, when the pages take forever to load, customers tend to lose their patience. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website works at a high speed. When your pages are loaded with unnecessary content, images and adverts, it can take a long time for the page to appear. This high loading time can easily make the customer angry and thereby influence them to look for a faster alternative. Therefore, ensure that your web pages are not bombarded with unnecessary material.

No Online Payments

When using online payment solutions, you will have to spend a little more. This is one of reasons why online entrepreneurs prefer to utilize payment on delivery. However, you need to make sure that your payment methods is convenient for the customers as well. It has been found that majority of the online shoppers prefer to pay directly through the website since it is convenient. This reduces the time that is wasted during payment processing and thereby makes the overall shopping adventure a successful one.

Broken Links

Some websites contain more links than others. If you are going to link your website content to other credible sites, do know that this method will increase the overall reliability of your online platform. However, if these links are broken or lead your customers to the wrong page, it will definitely turn out to be a problem. When your customers realise that you can’t even upload a link properly, they will begin to judge the quality of your product. Therefore, make sure that all your links are connected in a perfect manner.

Popup Ads

Unless it is something connected to the website and its services, popup ads are considered to be one of the most annoying aspects of a website. Of course, including popup ads of various other websites might bring you extra revenue. However, it can annoy your customers and drive them away. You must not publish such ads at the expense of your regular customers. Moreover, such popup ads can also influence the customer to follow up immediately. This way, your customer might not return to your website again. Therefore, make sure to avoid such distractions since they can prevent the visitor from making a purchase.

Such annoying traits can drive your customers away and thereby reduce your conversion rate to a great degree. Therefore, you need to make sure that none of the above traits are seen in your corporate website. If you do notice them, get rid of them as soon as possible.


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