Foursquare Updates: User Friendliness and Small Business Benefits

The much anticipated foursquare updates were released today.

foursquare  The integration of a map with user images creates face-to-name recognition, and turns each user into an ambassador for small businesses (your face will pop up when you’re checked-in to Franklin Park; you’ll be found when people search for different bars and nightlife in your surrounding area).

Foursquare has figured out a way for each business owner to use the platform for individual market researching.  Through this new feature, you can see the types of deals and specials driving traffic to locations surrounding your establishment, and create a strategy to steal some of your neighbors lunch crowd.

As with all other social media features that connect to your Facebook, there are ways to privatize your check-ins, and prevent them from streaming to the public.

The updates also include a plotted version of your check-ins.

The foursquare privacy policy from January 2011 will remain intact- no changes have been made!



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