From Bread Bakers to Bread Earners- The changing roles of Indian Women


The portrayal or understanding of a Woman in India has been an evolving phenomenon since time immemorial. From once worshiped as divine and pure creatures, to the medieval roles of child bearing and rearing, and now to the contemporary portrayal of power and resistance, the women in India have changed myriad social roles over the past. However, the social presence of Indian women has got much more significance in today’s developing times. Where until lately, they were shadowed by patriarchal dominance, the contemporary women in India have moved beyond all social boundaries to emerge as triumphant leaders of tomorrow. Not only has She taken up courageous roles in society, her own individuality as a ‘woman’ has now got an improvised meaning.

The world has changed for females in India now. The daughters are pursuing successful ambitions in the male dominated corporate scenario and mothers are taking up flextime jobs to showcase their exceptional managerial talent. Today, our women have stepped out to become bread earners of the family. Although the trend is yet developing in India, there are many families who choose for the men to stay back at home and manage household whereas their female counterparts take up challenging professional roles. The IT-BPO sector is becoming a female dominated industry in India with a significant number of capable and qualified female workforce delivering exceptional performances at the corporate level. Hospitality, Retail and Financial sectors are also not lagging behind in such changing scenarios.

According to Raju Bhatnagar,VP,Nasscom,women constitute an important economic force for the country and suitable enabling provisions must be made to harness their abilities to benefit the economy. (Quote source- Times of India). Keeping aside the hard core brick and mortar sectors that demand much physical strength, the strong, intellectual and determined women in India are set to take on remarkable careers in the promising professional arenas of today.

Supporting their ambitious endeavors and putting forth their entrepreneurial talent, the SHEROES Summit, presented by Fleximoms, is an excellent platform for the aspiring and successful women professionals to meet, interact, explore and gain insight about the evolving industry trends and opportunities to work with leading corporate houses in the country.

SHEROES brings together stakeholders in context of women and work – CEO’s, business owners, women professionals, career coaches, entrepreneurs and women professionals across stages of life. The SHEROES Summit 2013 celebrates choices women make for themselves and making them work for them.

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