From Corporate World to Life’s Passions

I woke up on Friday and my soul said…”just do it!”  I was literally having this running conversation in my head “go for it, live your passion” and then the next minute “no, you can’t, you are Ms. Miserably Responsible.”  Ugh…that was it!  I was being miserably responsible! 

How could I tell others to live their passion when I wasn’t walking my talk?  That would make me a fraud.  So, Miss Cella over here took the plunge – she jumped – feet first as I am always standing (never falling) on a new path!  I actually gave notice and think I am done with the law business – at least full time.  I know I have a path to walk and am not defined by my career – preconceived notions of being a legal asistant forever.  Nah, not me! 

I am a NIA instructor, blog writer, nutrition seeker, technology/social media learning guru, Zen peace lover, beautiful spirit, high-energy, healthy, loved wife of a great man and partner – world traveling lover and friend.  Wow, we have so much to do but my soul was clear that I needed to leave all negative energy behind and soar – higher than ever – spread the butterfly wings and explode into a plethora of gorgeous colors that inspire and revive others’ souls.  Never defeated – always empowered! 

This year marks my 5 year anniversary since that life changing day in 2008 that rocked my world and changed the old subservient soul into a rock n’ roll soul of vitality, energy and self-knowing.  A lightworker with a purpose.  A mover, a shaker, a change maker.  Scary, sure – what change isn’t scary?  However, it is more exciting than anything to know I truly lived this life, walked my talk, a true living testimonial of my “aha” presence on this earth at this time.  Nothing is coincidence, it is all part of the Divine plan.  I asked for guidance and I got it. 

My guides gave me the sublte – ok not so subtle – club in the head nudge towards life satisfaction, happiness and joy.  Can you believe we are here to live in complete and utter joy?  Yes, life can be so MUCH more.  Love of family, joy of heart and total conviction for my life’s purpose is the completion and guidance I need.  So, now I can say “LIVE YOUR PASSION – GO FOR IT!!!”

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