Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Autumn is finally upon us! And as the leaves begin to fall from the trees around you, one of the most fun times of the year is in full swing! Besides jumping in your yard’s freshly raked leaf piles, there are a ton of other super fun fall activities to keep your child’s mind and hands busy as the weather starts to cool down. Here are the top fun fall activities for the little ones in your life!

Create Leaf Art: You can help your child make some stunning leaf art with simply some white construction paper and black glue! To make the black glue, simply add some acrylic black paint to a bottle of white glue and you are set! Create the outline of various leaf shapes and once they are dry allow your child to fill in the leafs and surrounding area with watercolors!

Go for a Hike: Nature is all around us! Whether you choose to simply hit your local park for a leisurely stroll, or head to the nearest state park for a family hike you are guaranteed to be able to take in the opportunity to view all the wonder that nature has to offer this time of year in terms of its stunning color and crisp air.

Get Dirty: A great option to allow your kiddo’s to get their hands dirty and help out is to pick up some beautiful bulbs that they can help to plant and watch bloom once spring arrives!

Make Kitchen Time: This time of year is a great time to hole up in the kitchen to create any number of recipes. Whether baking some delicious cookies or even crafting your own apple cider, there are limitless options to add some yummy homemade smells to your kitchen, while encouraging your little ones to help out as well!

Have a Heart: This time of year is often filled with families who are hit with financial hardships. Teach your children compassion by giving back to the community by donating items to your local food pantry or if they are old enough, encouraging them to assist you when you go to volunteer at a shelter or food bank.

Head for Your Local Orchard:  Orchards are incredible places to visit during the fall season. Your family can pick a number of items from apples to pumpkins and many orchards even offer super fun activities such as hay rides or pumpkin tosses!

Leaf Rubs: Leaf rubs are a low-cost way to allow your child to embrace their inner artist. All you need are some leaves, crayons, and paper! Have your child take their crayons and some of their favorite leaves and layer the leaves between the pages of paper. Then have them rub on the pages with their crayons to see the leaf pattern emerge.

Create a Costume: With Halloween right around the corner, another great way to involve your kid’s in a fun activity is to encourage and help them to craft their own Halloween costumes. Not only is this a great way to save some money and the stress of having to go find a certain costume, but it is a wonderful way for your children to get inspired while making their very own one-of-a-kind costume!


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