Generating Traffic through Instagram

Instagram is an incredibly efficient tool for marketing your brand and driving users on the platform to your website. Here, we look at some fairly simple strategies you can employ to generate good traffic from the social platform. Read on to find out how to leverage Instagram for generating website traffic.

Include a link to your website in the bio

The “link in bio” technique is the most common way of directing users on Instagram to your site. You have to use it the right way because Instagram allows you to add only one link in the bio, which you type into the “Website” text box on the “Edit Profile” page.

Use a tool called to make the link in your bio direct Instagram users to a page that resembles your Instagram feed. The users or followers can then click the links on this pages to view your content or buy your products/services.

You can get a good idea of how well your content is performing by using an analytics dashboard. To come up with a strong strategy for your content, focus on the posts that perform best. You can considerably boost your subscriber base and revenue by tracking clicks on the photo and video sharing site.

Determine the source of your clicks using a Bitly link that tracks click-through rate. Generally, this techniques will work for links to your business blog, YouTube channel or company website. What’s more, you can make a landing page for Instagram that collects email addresses via content that can be easily downloaded.

Make sure a call to action accompanies your images

The primary purpose of your Instagram marketing strategy is conversions. Try and come up with amazing photos that include the URL for your site and a compelling call to action. This tactic is especially useful when you have contests on Instagram in which you invite your followers to go to your site and enter their email addresses.

These types of images essentially provide you with a compelling slice of branded content which your Instagram followers can share in order to direct traffic to your site.

Add your company URL in your videos

Videos on Instagram inject zest into online storytelling. Instagram videos actually direct three times as much traffic to your website as images, so you need to take some time to come up with a great 15-second story. Make a nice video that will make viewers eager to know more about your product.

Include Instagram ads to your Instagram marketing arsenal

Sponsored Instagram ads can appear as videos, images or carousal. Investing in Instagram ads will help you reach the right users because they appear on feeds based on users’ interests. Making these ads a part of your strategy will translate into increased traffic to your website and a rise in conversions.

Don’t be shy about expressing your creativity on the clickable Instagram ad links because in addition to cultivating an interest from your audience, the links also drive traffic to your ecommerce site.


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