Get a Baseline of Your Online Presence

Capturing Your Kred Score
Are you improving your online presence? (Need some good reasons to take your online self seriously?) What kind of difference are your efforts making? How do you know?

In this video my partner Tara Agacayak gives you an exercise from the GlobalNiche program to help you measure the effects of the work you’re doing online to improve your presence.

Take a screen shot of the first page of Google results that is actually about you. This may not be the first page of results returned when you Google your name. Make sure the screen shot includes which page of results you begin to appear on.

Also, join Klout & Kred and make a note of your scores.

Watch the video to see what Tara does with these scores and save yours somewhere you can periodically compare them. It’ll keep you moving forward and investing in your online presence!

ANASTASIA ASHMAN is a digital strategist for global personal branding. As cofounder of, she equips individuals & groups to reach offline goals through your online presence.

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