Get a Good Night Sleep While You Travel

We’ve all been there. After a busy day of traveling the first thing you want to do once you reach your hotel room is crash in the bed. But, what happens more often than not is hours of tossing and turning unable to sleep despite how exhausted you are. Don’t give into the plague of traveling insomnia. Get control of your sleeping patterns even while on the road. Take a look at a few ways you can get a good night sleep while you travel.

Get a Good Night Sleep – Bring Some of Your Bedding From Home

Do you have a favorite blanket or pillow? Make sure you bring them along on your trip. If you have room in your carryon or car for a little extra comfort, then don’t leave these behind. Not only will they help you fall asleep quicker once you reach your destination, but you’ll have a little piece of home with you as well. For many travelers, sleeping on hard or unusual bedding can leave you feeling out of place. Even just your own pillow can make getting rest easier.

Get a Good Night Sleep – Recover From Traveling Through Time Zones

One of the hardest ways to travel is through time zones. Jumping an hour here or there isn’t really that big of a deal, but when you start to cross countries or bodies of water, it’s hard to adjust. If you know you’re traveling a few different time zones, give yourself a day or two to adjust. Try going to sleep earlier while you’re still at home to get your body in the notion of sleeping at different times. Once you arrive, don’t plan anything strenuous or deadline oriented for the day your arrive or the day after. Give yourself time to adjust to the new time zone before doing any sightseeing or touring.

Get a Good Night Sleep – Place a “Do Not Disturb” Sign on Your Door

Maids and hotel staff aren’t always privy to your sleeping habits. That means you may be woken up earlier than expected if you don’t take precautions to stop them. If you plan on sleeping in or you arrive to your room in the early morning hours, the last thing you want is to have to answer the door at 8:00 AM. Placing a “do not disturb” sign on your door gives you a little more privacy in the morning and lets you get your sleep schedule adjusted. You’ll be able to take your time getting ready and won’t feel rushed to leave your hotel room before you’re ready.

Get a Good Night Sleep – Ask for a Room Away from Lobbies, Pools, or Conference Rooms

Normal hotels are hard enough to sleep in, but having a room near heavy traffic areas can make it even more impossible. If you find it hard to sleep through noise, ask for a room far away from lobbies, pools, or conference rooms. You won’t have to worry about hearing people all night long or early in the morning. Ideally, you should ask for a room in the middle of a hallway a few floors above the main level. Make sure your room is away from vending machines, ice machines, or laundry services, as well.

Get a Good Night Sleep – Adjust the Room Temperature and Curtains a Few Hours Before Bed

If outside noises, light, or a too hot temperature make it hard for you to sleep, make sure you tackle those problems before you go to bed for the night. Make sure your curtains are drawn tightly eliminating outside light before going to sleep. This will keep the daylight from disturbing you earlier than you’d like. If you need a cool room, ensure you fix the thermostat a few hours prior to sleeping to make sure the room is the temperature you want before going to sleep. Don’t give yourself any time tossing and turning.


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