Get Found on LinkedIn: Three Awesome LinkedIn Optimization Tools

linkedinLinkedIn, as we all know, is an incredibly powerful networking tool. How many times have you seen this info and thought to yourself, yes… it is. So how do I leverage it? Me too! And I do this for a living.

As a professional resume writer, I need to understand LinkedIn both as an expert in my field and as a business owner. It’s a tricky thing to master because it’s not a resume, but it’s not Facebook either. And it’s an incredibly robust application that can do things without you really knowing that you’re doing them. Like updating your boss that you just changed your headline. Oops!

If you’re a savvy jobseeker, you have a profile and you already know that you can shut off automatic notifications and news feed updates. But did you know that you can check how well your profile is optimized for your keywords? Here’s more on that and two other gems I recently picked up from some awesome LinkedIn gurus online.

1) Want to see how your profile is appearing against keywords? Of course, right?!

Near your search box, you should have a link called “Advanced”. Select this and scroll (usually at the bottom of the page) until you see Sort and View options. The default sort filter is “Relevance”. This will order your search by the distance that person is from your network (think six degrees of Kevin Bacon). Next, change your search view to expanded. This will give you a glimpse of expanded details in the search results. Once you do the search in this view, check out your competition? How are they using the keywords? Twice in their headline? In each position title?

2) Use your profile url as an optimization tool.

Ok, if you’re reading anything on LinkedIn, I’m sure you know by now that you can customize your profile url. If you don’t, please google “customize my profile url”, follow the steps, and return to this post. Once you’re back, think beyond just your name. For example – my profile url is:

3) Keep your keywords in mind when writing your profile – think Keyword Density.

For those of you who are in marketing, have your own business, or just keep up on SEO, you know that keyword density is a critical factor in on-page optimization. Same with LinkedIn, and similar rules apply. Your profile is a professional representation of your brand – it needs to be well-written, concise, and adequately convey your value. It also needs to optimize against your keyword without being spammy.

Use your keywords (like I would use professional resume writer) or versions of it as much as you can without sounding like a computer. For example, instead of “I can help you”, I would say “As a professional resume writer, I can help you”.

Another great tip is to add a Specialties section to each position. Under your two line summary and accomplishment bullets, insert a quick specialties section where you bullet point the key skills and competencies that are relevant to the position.

Rebecca Henninger is a professional resume writer and LinkedIn profile specialist with an active CPRW and a passion for helping women achieve balance, integration, and professional fulfillment. She is a mother of two, Bravo TV addict, and skilled career strategist.

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