Make a Decision to Get Rid of Indecision Once and for All

Make a Decision

Decisions, Decisions. Whether they are personal ones, like what should I wear today or should I bother to shave my legs or not? Or whether they are home and family related, as in what should I cook for dinner or should I separate the lights and darks when I wash them (do I really have the time to care)?  Or whether they are business focused decisions, like should I raise my prices or collaborate with so-and-so for networking purposes? Decisions can be just plain difficult. Here are a few ways to help guide you in making better decisions using your intuition.

    • Flip a coin. Yes..seriously. You have probably done this before in younger years or for petty issues like choosing vanilla or chocolate ice cream, but flipping a coin can tell you how you really feel about something. Have you ever flipped that quarter and not liked the outcome? (But I really wanted chocolate ice cream, maybe I should flip it again…best out of three?!) That is your inner voice telling you that you should think a bit more about the topic. Maybe that flip is saying you should partner with someone on a business project, but not the person you originally had in mind. Be specific and see how you feel with each flip.

Pros and Cons. Similar to the above. Have you ever needed to make a rational decision and pulled out that piece of paper drawing a very thick bold  line down the center with the headings on opposing sides? Have you ever found yourself so confounded in your decision-making that you try to even out the pro and con sides? This is when you need to get clear on what you are asking. Again, be specific. In fact, write the question clearly at the top of the page above the titles pro and con. Should I raise my prices by 15% next month on this particular product or service? Or should I raise my prices? The first question is obviously best as it is more clear and focused.

    • Visualization. Find a quiet spot and visualize yourself in the different scenarios that may be plaguing you. While visualizing yourself in the scene, take into account how your body is feeling. Are you feeling an upset stomach when you see something specific or do you feel elated when doing something else? Your body by its biological design is a thermometer of sorts for gauging situations and what is best for you. Trust what your body is telling you. Maybe your head hurts because the timing is just not right yet.
    • Phone a friend. Getting someone else’s take on a decision makes sense whether you take their suggestions or not. Make sure that you ask someone you trust to give you sound advice. Sometimes just bouncing an idea off of someone starts to makes sense just hearing it come out of your own mouth. Other times, the information from your friend could include things that you may not have thought of in the first place.  Maybe chocolate and vanilla ice cream together is the best way to go.

Overall, when making decisions it is important to be clear on what question you are really asking. After having a solid question, you need to really tune into your senses to determine how you feel about all the possible outcomes. Do not overstress yourself when it comes to making decisions either. If you find yourself thinking too much about a big question, give yourself time to breathe and do something else. Often times, it is in those quiet times that we have a Eureka moment.


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