Get the Alimony You Deserve

The Who, What, When, Where and How of Alimony

We all know that finding and selecting a lawyer or mediator is the most important part of the divorce process. He/she is the person you will partner with to figure out your future which includes how to divide assets and liabilities, how to develop a plan to share custody, and how to protect you during the divorce process.


So how to find lawyers and once found, how to choose a lawyer is stressful and unfamiliar. What criteria do you use? Just because your friend recommended someone doesn’t mean they will be a good fit for you. Your circumstances will probably be different and the kind of person whom she/he chose might not have the qualities you value.


Most people don’t even know what questions to ask to determine compatibility. Asking how the lawyer works and how they charge is uncomfortable but essential.


1. What is the dollar amount of the liability insurance the lawyer carries?

2. Does he/she charge for travel time or lunchtime while in court? And if so, does he/she charge at the same hourly rate as she/he charges for an appointment or court time?

3. Does the lawyer limit his practice to family law and does he have a specialty, or at least a familiarity, with your area of greatest need. For example, are your greatest areas of concern a pre-nup, a trust, an inheritance, or a complicated financial picture which would require a specialized expertise.

4. Are retainers refundable?

5. Will he/she give you an example of a redacted separation agreement that he/she crafted for another client.

6. Will there be a price increase during the process?


All of these and many more are all questions that you should have answered. Preparation, and organization as well as good choices are essential.


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