Climbing back on the Career Ladder after Children

Climbing back on the Career Ladder after ChildrenBecoming a mother is one of the most life changing, fulfilling things you can do. Your little bundle of joy will turn your world upside-down, and bring you more happiness and love than you could ever imagine. The transition into motherhood can be challenging though, and you might find yourself feeling a little lost as you take on your new role, especially if that has meant taking a step back from your career.

“As a parent you often lose an element of your identity as you become someone’s mother, with this can come a reduction in confidence and a level of uncertainty,“ says Pip Thomas, parent and business owner.

It can often be a struggle to balance the mother, wife and woman roles so much so that it can become a bit of a circus juggling act and can be a very confusing and lonely time. You don’t need to beat yourself up about wanting more, and it doesn’t make you selfish to want another element to your life other than motherhood.

For many women, a return to work or change of careers after children can be the key to bringing back their confidence and independence. I’m sure other mothers reading this will agree that it’s important to keep an element of yourself and have that something that is ‘just for you’. Sometimes that is easier said than done though!

So what if you’ve decided you’d like to work on your career, where do you start? It can be intimidating thinking about returning to the world of work after time away from that environment. If you’ve lost confidence in yourself you might start to doubt your abilities and wonder if you’re up to the job. Perhaps you’ve decided that returning to work isn’t going to fit your new lifestyle, and that you want a career that will fit in with your new life and responsibilities. Having children can make that desirable work/life balance all the more significant.

It’s great to have ideas and dreams but putting those into practice isn’t always the easiest, especially if you’ve never had experience of setting up on your own in the past. Re-engaging with the real you can be a big confidence boost. A short NLP course, for example, can show you how to cope with the inevitable feelings of guilt that can often take over as a mother returning to work. It can also help you begin understanding your goals and how to put them into action. NLP can help to remove any negative thoughts and thinking patterns and retrain your mind to focus on positives, which will in turn build your confidence.

Gaining your confidence and self-belief and being able to see the possibilities in a different light can get you well on your way to returning to work or building your own business around your new family life. And remember, just because you’re now a mother, doesn’t mean your hopes and dreams are no longer important and overall, your happiness and confidence in all aspects of your life will make you a much happier, healthier mother.

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