Getting Back to Work: 5 Tips to Refocus

Whether you work from home or you work in an office, staying focused all day long is a task. Throughout the day, your mind will start to wander and getting back on track isn’t easy. If you have a heavy schedule and more work than you can handle, it’s essential to get your focus back quickly before you lose valuable working time. If you’re struggling to get your focus back, try incorporating some simple steps into your daily routine to bring your mind back to the task at hand. Take a look at five ways to get back to work and refocus.

Back to Work – Give Yourself Time Between Tasks

Although giving yourself more time to let your mind wander may seem counterintuitive, adding some time between tasks, meetings, or appointments will let you feel more in control. When you have deadlines back to back, it can make it seem like you’re always rushed for time. When you are stressed, your mind will naturally start to look for ways to reduce that stress. Giving yourself some time between deadlines and meetings will give you more time to refocus on your next task and get back to work more efficiently.

Back to Work – Prioritize Your Work

If you are overwhelmed with work, putting the most important tasks up front and center will make it easier to get things finished. Instead of worrying about when and how you are going to get everything finished, make a set deadline for each task. Those that are due sooner should be done first while those with longer deadlines can get pushed to the side. Not only will this help you feel more stress-free regarding your work, but it will keep your mind on task while working. If you’re struggling to focus on the tasks at hand and get back to work, create an online planner to alert you when it’s time to move to a new task.

Back to Work – Exercise Your Mind

When you start to lose focus, it’s often because your mind can’t focus on the work you have at hand. Playing online brain games can not only help improve your mind and memory, but it can help you learn to focus. During breaks at work, set time aside to play a few of these online games. You’ll feel more at ease knowing you have the tools you need to keep your focus during the day. These games will help you learn to focus and can be a welcomed break before getting back to work.

ired and sleepy young business woman at the desk with a laptop needs to get back to work

Back to Work – Take Periodic Walks

Getting up and moving is the perfect way to get your mind back on track. As our bodies sit still for hours on end, our mind can start to jump around and fidget. This can make it hard to focus. Once you notice you’re failing to keep your mind set on a task, get up and move your body. Take a walk around your building, home, or outside for a few minutes. If getting up and moving around or taking a walk isn’t an option, maybe ask your employer if a exercise ball chair or standing desk is acceptable in your office. Incorporating any of these things into your daily routine can help you get back to work quicker.

Back to Work – Practice Brain Dumping

When your mind starts racing and you lose your ability to focus, try out a technique called brain dumping. Often, when you can’t seem to focus on the task at hand or your brain keeps going back to the same thoughts over and over, it’s important to get those thoughts out. Keep a pad and paper beside your computer or on your desk. As your mind wanders, start jotting down ideas as they come to you. If you lose focus because you have other tasks on your mind, try making a to-do list instead of keeping the thoughts bottled up. This will clear your mind and help you get back to work.


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