Getting Intuition in an Instant

Arupa Tesolin

We tend to experience intuition in momentary flashes that arrive from time to time often in circumstances where we don’t expect it. That’s part of the allure of intuitive experience that it seems to lie beyond our beck and call. But it is possible to summon intuition in the moment when a response is needed. And because intuition contains information and “facts” beyond the thinking mind this could be highly desirable. The goal is insight. The key is preparation.

Even management professor Harry Minzberg has said that if we were all intuitive geniuses our management strategies would be right on. Every entrepreneur knows that often the path to the next decision is paved with insight. For the rest of us, we know from experience that having insight in our pocket is far better than moving ahead without it and likely to save us a lot of energy, money, and heartache if we follow it.

So how can we prepare? As a Speed Intuition expert I have a few things I can share about this.

1.) Get beyond the stress response. Realize that if your mind is full and you are worried or anxious about anything, you’re not going to be able to respond to the quieter signals your intuition is sending. So cultivate calmness and learn to de-stress yourself in the moment by instantly being able to calm down both mentally and physically.

2.) Learn how to position yourself to listen to intuition. Psychics and intuitives are able to call upon their skills on demand. That comes from having a certain amount of giftedness, but it also comes from experience and practice. Those who are good at it have learned to be able to turn it on at will and tune in to something on that level. The easiest way I recommend is to develop a Yes/No intuition response, by sensing with your hands, or through a visual response, or through your gut. You have to create the response, test it, and then use it during your day until you have become good at it.

3.) Pay attention to the way intuition shows up for you. Intuition is always on as it is your direct connection with the universe. You may experience it mostly visually, through sound, or just knowing. Pay attention to how it shows up, and what your personal recognition preferences are. The more you do this, the more likely you will be to recognize it. It’s the same when you buy a new car and suddenly notice all the other cars like yours on the road. In essence you are “priming” yourself to be sensitive to your own intuitive recall.

4. Go deeper. One of the biggest positive influences of intuition is having some kind of meditation practice that you enjoy. Going deeper is the best way to leverage your intuition talents because the point of greatest power and transformation is within. When we meditate we are literally paving new neural connections that better integrate us with the nature and unity of the universe. That is why we often experience deep insight and revelation between bouts of calmness and peace. Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult. The easiest meditation I give my students is this one that I invented. Inhale and sense “I am breathing the universe.” Exhale and sense “The Universe is breathing me.” Do that for a few minutes and you will easily reach a point of inner calmness where you can just experience and be aware. If you wander, just gently go back to your breath.

5.) Recognize intuition as a skill that you can master and learn. Then you’ll be able to apply it in all areas of your life, career or in business. Like any skill, it needs to be practiced, developed and cultivated. You can’t do this simply by reading about it. It must be done through experience. So set up some kind of practice regimen and stick with it. You’ll see results.

Arupa Tesolin is an intuition and innovation expert, speaker and trainer, author of the on-line training program Speed Intuition, the book Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better. She also heads the corporate training company Intuita

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