Getting Organized: Clean First for A Great Finish

Everyone always thinks of spring as the season for purging and cleaning. But for me, summer has always been my time to start major cleanup projects around my house. There’s something about the warm air, opening all the windows, and slapping on my cleaning gloves to really get me in the mood. This year has been no different. Instead of my normal “get rid of everything that I haven’t worn in a year” ritual, I decided to tackle my son’s room. Believe me, it needed it. It seemed like a whole years’ worth of school projects and party favors exploded into his room during the last month of the school year.

It was the time to get on top of cleaning and organizing so we could start the summer fresh and clean. To me, cleaning something right is probably the most important first step in organizing. Cleaning is more than just getting rid of the dirt and germs. I think if you have a clean start you’re more likely to have the best finish! I knew going through each book, toy, and knickknack and then cleaning and dusting would be tedious, but the organized and maintainable outcome will be worth it. Plus, it gave me a chance to include him in the project, so he would have pride in how his room turns out.

Cleaning Up Isn’t Just Around the Home

Even though I usually focus most of my cleaning on my home, raising a boy means I also have to clean up cuts and scrapes too. Who knew placing books on a bookshelf could account for so many mishaps?! During our summer cleaning project, my son managed to need attention to a major scrape. That’s why I reached for Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser. Not only is Puracyn® my go-to choice for cleaning scrapes and cuts, I know my son won’t have to worry about stinging or pain while I’m tending to his “boo-boo.” It’s doctor tested and non-irritating to guarantee he gets the best clean without antibiotics, steroids, or alcohol. What I like the most is that Puracyn can be used ANYWHERE. Not even the eyes or the mouth is off limits with Puracyn. It comes in a convenient spray application meaning I don’t have to use water to do the heavy cleaning. I always carry some in my car so when we go to the park or on outings I can clean cuts and scrapes while we are on the go. Now that we are traveling more I’ve started keeping some in my toiletry bag.

It’s not just for cuts and scrapes either. Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser can be used on rashes, abrasions, burns, and insect bites. For scrapes, cuts, and blisters on his feet, I always reach for Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash & Skin Cleanser. It comes highly recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association with the Seal of Approval for cleaning cuts and scrapes on the feet. I like that it’s non-toxic and steroid free too! Not only do I reach for Puracyn products for my son when he needs them, but they also work wonders on any cuts, scrapes, or bug bites I get as well. To learn more about the brand visit and follow the brand on Facebook.

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To learn more, watch the new Puracyn Plus 2015 National TV Commercial herePuracyn® Plus Duo-Care Wound and Skin Cleanser…so she can get back into the game! Puracyn® Plus is regularly available in a 4oz. plastic, spray bottle at Rite Aid and Walgreens for $14.99. Now you can save $3 on your next purchase of both Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care Wound & Skin Cleanser and Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash & Skin Cleanser! Find them in the first aid section at your local Rite Aid and Walgreens

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