Getting Organized for Travel – What’s In Your Bag?

suitcasesThere was a time when I was quite the road warrior. I traveled for work at least once a month and my husband and I would take weekend getaways and  longer (and more exotic) trips without a second thought. Then I became a mom. Then I changed careers.  All travel, particularly air travel, became a lot less frequent and a lot more painful. I lost my travel groove. Prepping for a trip, even when it didn’t include my son, became a HUGE undertaking.  At a certain point a couple years ago as I sat on my bathroom floor amid a pile of toiletries and sample sizes trying to decide what to take I realized I needed a better strategy. Below are my tips for getting organized for travel in advance so you can make  a quick and (relatively) easy  getaway.

Getting Organized for Travel – Prep a Grab and Go Toiletry bag!

1. Hair. Get duplicates of your tried and true favorites. Love your hairbrush get another. Can’t find your favorite shampoo or conditioner in a travel size? Get a full size one and fill several goop tubes and you’ll be set for several trips.

pain killers2. Pain.  Make sure you have the tools to enjoy an extra sundowner or fancy bottle of wine. Pre-pack the OTC painkillers of your choice. Invest in a couple smaller size containers and then keep them topped up with the larger sizes in your medicine cabinet. Don’t forget other first aid items maybe some antacids, spare pair of tweezers, antibiotic cream, anti-itch cream in the event of an exoitic bug bite, and some bandaids .

U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core3. Body.  The stuff you use daily is pretty obvious, buy spares of your deodorant, lotion etc. But you’ll need to remember your time of the month too! The name of this game is prepping this kit so you don’t have to sit and figure out if that time of the month will arrive mid trip and then hunt down a good reliable product like U by Kotex with 3D capture core. 

While you are traveling its important to feel confident and as prepared as you can. There are enough unexpected (and fun!) adventures you can have on your travels, tracking down pads and washing your undies in a sink needn’t be one of them.  Find and pack feminine care you can count on like  U by Kotex with 3D capture core  it will save you time and future headaches.  BONUS  You can join their campaign to save the undies and get some free samples to try and protect your own. Protect the limited supply of clothes and underwear your bringing and always have a backup stash of  you U by Kotex pads packed away.

4. Skin. Don’t forget your favorite sunscreen! Also if you use any acne products, lip balm and face cream pack some of those. Travel and a change of climate can me stressful on your skin bring duplicates of your tried and true products. Buy a spare razor to keep suntan lotainin this bag too.

5. Smile. Check off a spare toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, and floss.

6. Makeup & Prescriptions. Unfortunately you will probably need to leave these until just before your trip. Since makeup it has a short shelf life I would avoid getting dupes of your favorites unless you really are a road warrior. I usually leave this for the last minute and think about the handful of products I really use daily then add in some nighttime eyeshadow if I plan on going out. Remind yourself that no if you don’t wear that lipstick ever at home you are unlikely to trot it out while on your trip. Similarly with your prescriptions its hard to have a spare bottle or tube so just remember these last minute items too and avoid the temptation to put them in smaller containers if customs agents are being super thorough they’ll want to see drugs that match the label.

7.  A Notecard. Now that you’ve assembled all your favorites take the extra step of writing it all down on a notecard that you keep in the lipstick beauty make upbag. Before each trip you can pull it out and do a quick audit to see if you’ve got it all or need to run out and grab something.

8. Carryon. Lastly, don’t forget your carryon! If the above bag is going to get checked take a long hard look at its contents and consider what you can’t live without at your destination. When my bag was lost recently on a weekend jaunt to a very rural locale I was super ticked off with myself for not transferring my tinted moisturizer and the stash for my cycle from my toiletry bag into my carryon.

That should get you covered and save a fair amount of time you can devote to strategically selecting the fewest number of shoes!

Happy travels!

This article is sponsored by U by Kotex® Pads


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