Getting Ready For A Client Pitch

Getting Ready To Make A Client Pitch?
Well Soirée Verde has come up with some helpful tips to make your next Client Pitch  a home run!

Take time to research what your client’s business is about:

This means doing your homework ahead of time. Knowledge is power and it is extremely important in the pitch process. Know your client’s business, mission, goals and trends. After all, you are essentially there to help them achieve their next business success.

Identify what they need to know:

While in the homework research phase, take time to look at online customer reviews. This can provide great insight by looking into those “low star” reviews to discover areas in which they are not making the grade. Focus on any areas that need improvement, which can serve as a staring point for growth and development opportunities.

Be yourself:

Speak with confidence, brevity, clarity and poignancy. Make sure your pitch proves to your client that you have the professional “know-how” to help them achieve their goals.

Pause and Listen:

In order to build a mutually beneficial relationship, you must engage your client in the pitch process. In short, take the time to listen to your client. The information you receive directly from them will be worth its weight in gold. In fact, this information will serve as a building block in mapping out the follow up phase of your pitch.

Close, while leaving the door open:

Once you have your client’s feedback in hand, identify one or two personal homework assignments meant to showcase your ability to provide them with tangible results. This will help generate the coveted “follow-up” meeting that keeps your foot in the door. Yes it is a freebee, but nothing speaks louder than relevant problem solving which positively affects your client’s bottom line.

Pitching is about the conversation, and more importantly, about being prepared to have a well informed conversation about your business. So remember the next time you step into the spotlight pitch with preparation, practice, and creativity.

For more helpful tips such as these contact Jasmine Megrabyan at Soirée Verde: Event Solutions From Here To Greenternity! ( or via email at [email protected])

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Jasmine Megrabyan, Owner
Soirée Verde ~ November 8, 2013
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