Getting the Most Out of Employees Without breaking Them



Everyone encounters annoying, mean, disrespectful, and less than great people everyday. In most cases, they can be ignored and forgotten, but when someone has to work with them day in and day out, it can quickly lead to a real mess. Employers are constantly looking for ways to get their employees to perform the best that they can while diffusing the ticking time bombs that are sitting in the cubicles. It is critical to the success of their business to have everyone working on the same page, yet far too many business owners understand how to effectively deal with problem employees. It is important to know the basics of employee management and to self educate on the steps needed to keep everyone working together on the same page. There are several types of employees that can cause serious problems for the entire company if they are not dealt with swiftly and correctly. Here are some of the major employee types that cause major headaches for employers, regardless of what field they are in:


Marginal/Low performing employees are the ones who do not live up to what is required of them. These are the people in the office who do as little work as they can without getting into trouble and avoid extra work. They try to act busy so no one asks them to take extra assignments, yet they never seem to finish their own work on time. Additionally, the work they do turn in is often sub-par, riddled with errors, and not of the quality that is expected of them. Inspirational speakers can be hired to come give talks and offer workshops and training seminars for your employees to attend. It can be a good way to get problem employees back on track without a lot of confrontation.


Tardy/Absent employees can be some of the most dangerous to a company because they do not respect the business nor do they care about the success of those they work with. Employees who always show up late for work, come back from lunch late, and just don’t show up when they are suppose to cause a breakdown in communication and normal business plans. When an employee is relied on for the day to day functions and projects and then does not show up and cannot be relied upon, it throws everyone off and sends everything into a state of confusion.


Saboteur/Thief employees undermine the safety and security of the entire company. For whatever reason they think they are better and that they should be in control. They take advantage of others and work against their fellow employees to make themselves look better. In some situations it is just annoying as when supplies go missing, costly as when projects fall through, but it can be dangerous if someone sabotages a project and people get hurt in the process.


Caustic/Sarcastic/Negative employees can kill the mood of an office faster than anything. No one wants to be around someone who complains all the time, is negative all day long, and who thinks they are better than everyone else. It is a real mood killer for the office and productivity, attitudes, quality, and motivation all go downhill when these sorts of attitudes are present in the office on a constant basis.


Alcohol/Drug abusing employees have no place in the work field. What someone does to their bodies on their own time is one thing, but when it begins to impact their work, it is time to draw the line. They pose a risk to everyone on the job and can cause major damage to the reputation of a business. Inspirational speakers can be hired to try and help get them turned around and back on track, but that often comes with mixed success or the turn around it not sufficient or long lasting.


When it comes to dealing with problem employees, there are several things an employer needs to remember. The most important thing is to never ignore the problem. Often times managers try to overlook the problem by focusing in on the good things the employees offer, and while this can be good with minor issues, ignoring these big problem areas can lead to major issues. There are many tools available to help you deal with employees, keep them motivated, and help them stay on track as they work.

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