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Boss’s Day is quickly approaching, and you may be scrambling to figure out an appropriate gift for a boss who has made your office a place you enjoy coming to every day. This year, the occasion falls on Friday, October 16, so don’t be left empty-handed when it arrives. Check out these awesome gifts your boss will absolutely love.


Get Practical


If you’re looking for a gift that will go perfectly in your boss’ office, look for products with a modern design that can serve a practical purpose while still looking stylish. Sleek wall art, perfect office accoutrements, and stylish office chairs make outfitting any professional space a breeze. Give them something they can use every day that makes them think of the responsible and considerate employee who gifted it to them—you.


Make the Off-Hours Relaxing


Your boss works hard, and you can easily find a gift that helps them enjoy the time they aren’t in the office. Pool your money with some coworkers for a pair of tickets to an event for your boss and his or her significant other, or present them with a gift card to an excellent restaurant, perhaps one they like to frequent for business meetings. For a less expensive and individual gift option, check out something like Chromecast, a device which will allow your boss to cast his or her Internet browser straight onto their television screen to give them incentive to relax after a long day.


Activity Guru


If your boss has a hankering for all things active, and is always the first to spout out adventurous feats for company retreats, you’ll want to look for gifts that cater to his or her inner adventurer. Depending on your locale, book a kayaking tour, plan a day in a tree rope course, or gift him or her with a gift certificate. Let him or her live out their death-defying dreams with an adventure that will remain a favorite memory for years to come.


For the Traveler


If your boss is constantly on the go, flying across the country or even the world to handle business, wrapping up some items perfect for travel is a wonderful way to go. Every boss who travels often has dealt with the stress of packing light, so make it easier with a lightweight suitcase that makes it easy to lug around all their important items. As luggage, especially quality pieces, can be pricy, go in on this gift idea with several coworkers. If you’d like a smaller scale present, check out a neck rest they can use to get some real sleep on a red-eye flight.


Win Them Over With Wine


If your boss is a fan of wine, you can’t go wrong with the perfect bottle selection. Nose around to find out if he or she likes a crisp white or a deep red flavor, and head to your local wine boutique.




For the Snack Attack Boss


If your boss takes snacking to a new extreme, check into a subscription service for something like Graze, which delivers nutritious and delicious snacks. Choose as many boxes as you’d like, and have them delivered directly to your boss’s office. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be able to sample a few of the treats when they come in.


Break Time


If you want to give your boss a little way to unwind after a stressful meeting, or give them something fun to show new clients, purchase an office desk mini game. Try out a desktop mini bag toss game, or check out miniature pool tables that require precision and sometimes sheer luck. For a bit of vintage fun and to further appeal to your boss’s inner child, purchase a mini gumball machine for his or her desk that’ll inject a little bit of fun into a normal work day.


Homemade Treats


If you’re on a budget and still looking for a gift that will show your appreciation for your boss, you really can’t go wrong with homemade cookies. Be wary of allergies, but once you have the go ahead, bake to your heart’s content. Wrap the cookies in a basket with a bit of plastic wrapping on top for an easy and inexpensive thoughtful gift.


If you have a great boss and want to show how appreciative you are, make this upcoming Boss’s Day your chance to express your gratitude. No matter the gift, your boss will appreciate the effort and be equally grateful for a hardworking employee.

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