Girl vs. Woman

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do you ever wonder why people use the term “businesswoman” instead of “business girl?” The words “business” and “girl” don’t go together.

Because girls don’t belong in the business world and that’s why they fail.

A lot of people feel that men are responsible for keeping women down in corporate America. I disagree. Women are held back by their own actions and attitudes, not those of men.

I have entitled this blog post “let the girls do that” in order to elucidate some of the actions that women should abandon in order to avoid holding themselves back.
Here are the difference between a business girl and a businesswoman.

A girl accepts mediocrity because she’s afraid to fail, while a woman knows she’ll try harder and rise up from her fall if things don’t go as she intended. Being afraid of risk is for the little girls out there.

A girl cleans up the conference room after a meeting while a woman delegates that duty to administrative staff. Don’t clean up after the company lunch; let the girls in the office do that.

A girl flirts with male coworkers to build rapport while a woman fosters nurturing relationships with men in order to gain respect and grow as a professional, cultivating ties with men that reflect her value as a resource. Don’t get drunk at the company holiday party; let the girls do that.

A girl whines about lack of work life balance while a woman figures out ways to save time by maximizing the use of technology, remote computing, and the support of her team

A girl dresses to get attention while a woman dresses to get paid

A girl spends time, a woman invests time.

A girl cries, a woman takes action. Don’t have emotional outbursts at work; let the girls do that.

A girl competes with other women, a woman knows her unique value and uses it to innovate and distinguish herself while encouraging her colleagues to be their best.

A girl trash talks other women while a woman offers the offender some guidance about how to be better. The role of office busybody goes to a little girl.

A girl pushes down younger women in the office because she’s insecure about them getting ahead of her while a woman mentors and encourages the junior women to be their best. She does this because she knows that in helping others, she’s elevating her status and her value to the firm, not sacrificing it.

A girl seeks coworkers that will be friends, a woman seeks coworkers that will be partners. Don’t try to be the Prom Queen at work; let the teeny bopping girls do that.

A girl claims dibs on another female’s game while a woman hunts for her own food.

A girl goes to work to earn a living, a woman goes to work to gain prosperity.

A girl accepts mediocrity, a woman strives to be the best.

A girl hides the truth while a woman knows that honesty is the best defense. Don’t lie about things that happen at work; let the girls do that.

A girl focuses on negative experiences of the past while a woman wipes the slate clean and moves on to a brighter day. Because she has the confidence in herself to make things better.

As soon as female decide to be women instead of girls, they will win, they will grow rich through powerful decisions that they make over time. They are prevented from doing so not by the actions and attitudes of the men around them, but rather by the girlish behaviors that they exhibit. If you want to rise to the top, let other people act like girls and show the world the businesswoman you can be.
Are you a business girl or a business woman?



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