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When you and your girlfriends haven’t had a ladies weekend in a while, it’s a tantalizing prospect.  Get away from home for the weekend, take a break from the husband and kids, and just enjoy yourself with some of your best friends, relaxation, and plenty of wine.


You don’t need to go far for a good weekend getaway, and you don’t have to go out of your way to plan too many activities.  For some great girls weekend getaways in your area, all you’l need to do is a little research to see what’s availble and then it’s up to you guys to set the date.  As always, Budget Travel has some good reccomendations for a girls weekend trips.  If you need a little inspiration before you start planning, look no further.  Any one of these spots would make a great girls weekend getaway.


1. A cabin by the lake.


Almost everyone has a good lake within a few hours’ drive from where they live.  Hit up AirBnb and everyone can chip in for a cabin to rent for the weekend.  Depending on what you rent, that cabin might even come with a boat!  At the very least, you’ll have a cozy place to stay, and plenty of waterfront space for fun in the sun and nights sipping drinks while you watch the sunset.


2. A local vineyard.


By day, you can sample wine and learn about harvesting grapes.  By night, you can live it up in a nearby bed and breakfast or spa hotel.  When the trip is over, you’ll have plenty of good memories and souvenir bottles of wine to bring home with you.  What could be bad about that?


Girls weekend getaways!


3. The most luxurious spa you can find.


I’m not talking about your local nail salon that also gives massages.  For this trip, you need to do some research and find the most gorgeous, high end spa within driving distance, and head over there.  Indulge yourself in mud baths, massages, facials, and more while wandering around the gorgeous grounds in fluffy robes, sipping champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries.  Doesn’t that just sound like heaven?


Girls weekend getaways!


4. The nearest city with superb shopping.


Whether you live reasonably close to big metropolis like New York, or even just a hip town with lots of quirky boutiques and cafes, plan a shopping excursion to that location for your next girls weekend getaway.  You and your friends can shop ’til you drop without any annoyed husbands or boyfriends rolling their eyes while you try on every outfit in the store.  When you get tired, give your feet a break by trying whatever trendy restaurant or bistro catches your eye.


Girls weekend getaways!


5. A skiing adventure.


If you’ve got mountains nearby and friends with a sense of adventure, a girls skiing weekend could be just the ticket.  Even if you just hit the slopes once or twice and then spend the rest of your time gossiping by the fireplace with mugs of hot chocolate, I’d say that’s still a very nice weekend.  You might even learn some new skills while you’re there.


6. Camping.


Wait a second, just hear me out.  I know camping with your girls might not seem like the most glamorous or luxurious weekend getaway, but at least think about it.  You and your gal pals can go somewhere quiet and set up camp, then spend the rest of the weekend hiking, enjoying whatever lakes or rivers are nearby, spending quality time with each other, and just enjoying the great outdoors.  You know you’ll have plenty of laughs and lots of fun.  Besides, you’re never too old to scare the pants off each other by telling ghost stories around the fire.


No matter where you go, it’s up to you and your friends to make your next girls weekend something you can remember for years to come.  However, the right location will certainly put you in the right mood.  So start your researching and planning today so you can begin counting down the minutes until your next girls weekend getaway.


SOURCES: Budget Travel


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