Give Me 30 Days

A cupcake with sparklersTomorrow I will celebrate my 46th birthday.

It’s been a heck of a year. Lots to be glad about, some things to be sad about; no different to anyone else’s year I’m sure. But I wanted to make a difference on my birthday this year. I wanted to share my experiences, my learning, with you. With other single mums.


Not only am I a proud single mum, I’m also an entrepreneur. I run 2 businesses  I work with people who want to set up their own companies; people of all ages, backgrounds and academic abilities but I have a particular passion for helping single mums. 

Another why?

Single mums are THE most entrepreneurial group of people I have ever come across. On a daily basis they exhibit all of the skills that entrepreneurs use when running their businesses. They negotiate with their kids; deal with difficult people (ex’s and officialdom); organise and time manage to the nth degree; continually communicate in a variety of ways; manage financial budgets etc etc.

But do you know the strange thing?

Most single mums that I speak to would swear blind that they don’t have the skills to run a business. They just don’t see that what they do is anything special, and certainly not something that could give them economic independence and a very promising future that can fit around their family commitments.

I have set myself the task of convincing these fabulous ladies (perhaps that’s you?!) over the next 30 days, that they can utilise these skills to work towards a rainbow of possibilities; financially, emotionally, and practically.

I will demonstrate using my life as an entrepreneur and single mum, that it really can be done. I will show how the skills are the same, it’s just how you use them that’s different.

There will be no homework. No tests. No writing of any kind. I just want you to read and absorb; consider and reflect and, if I’ve convinced you that this might be something that you too can do – I will then show you how.

Let me share a few secrets. I had a very difficult upbringing, peppered with abuse and bullying. I left school with virtually no qualifications. I have 2 learning differences which made education difficult. I spent time in a women’s refuge.

None of these things have stopped me from moving forwards. The only person who has control of my life is me. If we start from a position of accepting that life isn’t fair, and that no one is equal, then we have a greater chance of overcoming the challenges and celebrating the successes when they come. For, undoubtedly, they will.

Join me on my 30 day discovery. Let me show you how you can be the person you would really like to be but perhaps feel that, for whatever reason, you can’t.

You have my utmost respect and full support for the tough job you do. Let me help you. Let me guide you. Let me inspire you.

See you tomorrow!




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