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I was recently up north riding my bike in the early morning, a summer ritual I have come to love as it gets me moving physically and mentally at the start of the day. This particular ride was a bit different for a couple of reasons. First of all, it came on the heel of some very disappointing news. Secondly, I had borrowed my mother’s iPod for music during my ride as the battery in mine was dead. Why is this relevant?  The iPod plays a role because of the music my mother had downloaded onto it. The disappointing news coupled with Josh Groban’s soul searching version of “Don’t Give Up” stopped me in my tracks as I burst into tears.


There are moments we encounter in life that make us want to throw in the towel. I don’t mean the towel of life, although I appreciate that some people get to that point.  I mean the cause for which we fight, or the relationship we try to mend, or the business we endeavour to succeed at. At these moments we have three choices; keep on plugging away in the same manner, give up all together or come up with an alternative way to get it done.


That morning I cried because I felt like giving up, which goes against everything I believe in. However, when I got back in the saddle and set forth to finish my ride I realized all I needed was to have that moment to cry to clear out my feelings of frustration and despair. After that, alternative ways to move through the disappointment and achieve the goal started to pop into my mind and by the time I arrived home I had solved the problem.


The moral here is, of course, don’t give up. More valuable the lesson though, is that just beyond quitting the answers may lie. Be patient with yourself in moments when you feel like quitting. You can solve your own problems. You may just need to pause, let the wave of emotion pass over you, then regroup and approach the situation differently.


When do you feel like giving up? What have you done, or could you do, to keep going and resolve your situation?


Caird Urquhart is Founder and President of Newroad Coaching, a boutique coaching firm providing one-on-one personal and business coaching services and also author of 30 Ways To Better Days: How to Rally After You’ve Been Dumped. Find Newroad Coaching on their blog and on Twitter and YouTube.

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