Go Ahead, Brand Yourself: Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap of Faith


Put the irons in the hot coals… get ready to make a big commitment… and brand yourself! There is a deep connection between the teaching world and the business world; educators ARE business people and we’ve got something important to sell:  knowledge!  Our “clients” – students, parents, administrators, and even other teachers – depend on us, and need our support. 

When it comes to raises and praises, teachers are near the bottom of the totem pole. Our work may go unnoticed and our pay may stand still for years on end, yet we continually strive to provide amazing lessons for our students… engaging, enlightening, enriching… it can be exhausting.  Reinventing the wheel is difficult, and teachers don’t always have time to create lessons from scratch or even modify existing lessons to suit student needs.


We are Mel and Gerdy, two 7th grade life science teachers who have collectively taught for over 17 years.  Disappointed with the often lackluster and impractical lessons available to secondary science teachers, we started from scratch creating our own lessons for a 21st century class!  In the past seven years, we have collaborated to create a comprehensive 7th grade Life Science curriculum that is new and fresh and defies what we thought possible.  Not only did we reinvent the wheel, we fashioned a new mode of locomotion!

We are creative individuals that used our students to direct our lesson planning, paying attention to their likes and dislikes and taking into account their varied learning styles as we perfected our craft. We wrote our own texts to address common core literacy integration in science, drew our own diagrams to make them kid friendly and exciting, differentiated our lessons to address the needs of learners of all modalities, and, most importantly, we helped students learn how to create interactive textbooks as part of our innovative lesson plans.

We found working together, that we were unapologetically and unequivocally nerdy.  Our love of science was infectious and we enjoyed seeing our students get excited about the world. What’s better than exciting students about learning science? Exciting teachers about teaching science!  Our innovative, rigorous lessons gained attention in our school among fellow teachers and administrators.  We continued tweaking our lessons and before we knew it, we had created our own unique brand. We realized we had something special but the question was, what do we do with it? We looked into creating a book, were approached by several publishers, but didn’t like the idea of losing our “baby” to someone who didn’t have an emotional attachment to our hand-crafted, teacher-tested lesson plans.  Enter an online marketplace for people like us, one where teachers can create content to their little heart’s desire and get paid for it, and here we are, almost three years in the making: Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy! Getting Nerdy was born into the idea of selling what we do best: planning lessons. Two teachers, two passions for creating lessons, and now a market with whom to share our passion.

Getting Nerdy isn’t just a small company.  It’s a teaching style, a lifestyle, and it represents who we are as teachers and as eager scientists. We see ourselves as inventors of extraordinary lessons, future girl-version-of-Bill-Nye movie makers, producers of viral videos, and creators of virtual labs. And that’s just the start… right now we are still working on establishing our brand and perfecting what we have used in our classes so that others will have even more fun teaching in their own classrooms.  And we are having SO much fun.


Are you a teacher who thinks you have something to share with the world?  Go ahead, get started, take your lessons to the next level and BRAND YOURSELF!

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