Going Back to College – Adjusting to Dorm Life

Going to college is a big deal, and making the decision to live in the dorms is even more nerve-wracking. For me, learning to live in such a tight space with someone I didn’t know was difficult. I had to share my personal bubble, and for me, that wasn’t easy. I grew up having a large room that I never had to worry about sharing. But, college was very different. It also made dating very hard to do. Even though my college had requirements about having boys in dorm rooms, my roommate hated the idea of having anyone who wasn’t a woman in our room. She left her personal belongings sitting out, and didn’t like the idea of having to put them away.

This made dating really difficult for me and resulted in spending a lot of time in the boy’s dorm or trying to get to know someone in noisy, public places. It can be hard to connect with someone when there are 20 strangers nearby. That’s why I made the most of my getting ready routine. It made me feel more comfortable knowing I was looking my best before going out, and there was nothing my roommate could do about it.

Make Shaving Part of the Routine

IMG_4339I was blessed with very little hair on my legs. I can thank my Native American roots for that. But, that doesn’t mean shaving isn’t a priority for me. Nothing makes me feel better before a date than perfectly smooth legs. Whether I’m going to be wearing a skirt or dress or I just want to feel extra special, it’s nice knowing I am looking my best.

When I’m getting ready for a date, I always reach for my Schick® Quattro® women’s razor. I know the four titanium-coated blades will give me the closest shave possible without worrying about nicks and cuts. Plus, the four blades let me go a week between shaves and between dates! The colorful pink packaging looks great in my shower caddy too!

Save Money on All Schick Razors

The best part about using Schick® Quattro® razors before a big date is I can get them on discount! I hate IMG_4342spending the big bucks on razor blades, and a single razor purchase can cost up to $15 a piece. I’m not paying that much for something that may get stolen in the shower. I almost always choose disposable razors for my getting ready routine!

IMG_4335That’s why whenever I shop at my local Kroger for Schick® Quattro® razors, I always use a coupon. Right now, Schick® has a great deal on all their razors. Buy one 4-count disposable razor package and get another for FREE! This goes for any Schick® Razor. Shop men’s or women’s razors to get the shave your require. With this great deal, I can get two for the price of one and save up for future dates! I’ll never have to worry about going out with prickly legs again!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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