Going From Overwhelm to Order

???????????????????????????????????????There are some days where you just don’t know what to do first. You might have 10 overdue tasks and 5 that are due today. A few client calls to prep for and complete. Where do you start?

I recently experienced an overwhelm with the responsibility of a sponsorship, launch of new program and maintaining current client load. Something i’m sure many entrepreneurs can relate to. Here are a few tips I implemented to go from overwhelm to order in my day.

Revenue Generating Activity FIRST – It’s important to keep marketing and selling in your business, even during the overwhelm. These activities can take up to 20 minutes per day. I’m talking about reaching out to associations to speak at, connecting with joint venture partners, or sending follow up emails to hot leads.

By implementing this daily action, even in overwhelm, I signed a few new clients and connected with great partners for my business. Every business owner should be completing revenue generating activities DAILY.

Client Impacting tasks – Look at what tasks you have to complete for clients. Your overwhelm should NOT impact your client experience. My business is driven by client referrals, we try do our best to protect that experience. I start by listing out all the client tasks and when they were promised. Then I look to see where I can get help from my team in completing them.

It maybe hard to keep track of all tasks you need to complete in your head or multiple pieces of paper. I recommend implementing a task management system so you can hold yourself amp; team accountable. Take a look at Asana, Basecamp, or Teamwork PM as options.

Delegate – When you can have tasks completed and it’s not by you… magic happens. For this to happen you need to build amp; train a trusted team to get the job done. Delegating minor tasks is the best way to start. The next step would be to start documenting processes so your team knows what they are doing each time and delivers consistently.
If you’re not ready for an assistant on your team and just need help with random tasks take a look at companies like Fancy Hands amp; Task Rabbit.

Your Action Plan:
1) Start by make a list of 3 Revenue Generating activities you will complete each day.

2) Begin looking at what tasks you can delegate so you can focus on business building.

3) Implement a task management tool to keep track and hold yourself accountable to your tasks.


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