Going the Distance for your Customers


It’s never crowded on that extra mile. 

The post-holiday slump and frigid temperatures can sometimes make getting out of the office or house, a challenge. I recently tuned into a local radio show that offers suggestions on things to do around town. Shedding light on the subject for getting past the dark days of January, the radio host gave a glowing recommendation for a restaurant in the popular, historic part of the city. Renowned for its exquisite architecture as much as its fine dining, I listened closely to find out the reason for the rave review. Many establishments in the quaint neighborhood have been converted from century-old homes that make for a distinguished, but often drafty, ambiance – not very inviting on cold winter nights. This was the case that evening for the radio host and his crew as they debated leaving for a warmer locale.

So what was so special? The owner of the restaurant overheard their discussion, asked them to wait and disappeared into a back room. Returning moments later with some house wine and a space heater, the host and his friends were duly impressed by the thoughtfulness and stayed well into the night, having a wonderful time. With that one simple gesture, the owner made his nightspot a hotspot, in more ways than one. This experience was broadcast to thousands of listeners and accomplished what high priced ads and strategic marketing can only hope to achieve: Results.  

What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary? That one little ‘extra’. Promising less and delivering more, is the path to success for any small business. While the latest marketing recommendations often focus on promoting content, KGVisions offers a reminder that the true substance of any organization lies within the quality of its interactions with clients. Outbound marketing strategies offer the perfect framework. A recent survey cites lead generation as the main focus of B2B marketers for 2014. The study reveals that telemarketing and other outbound marketing methods continue to be among the most effective for gaining new business. Potential clients seek to fulfill their needs among a crowded field of alternatives each day. What sets your small business apart from the pack? A firm commitment to responding effectively to their concerns will keep you in the running. Similar to the restaurant owner who made the evening a warm success for the radio host, we must, as entrepreneurs, listen more, talk less and offer simple and immediate solutions. Getting your company on the right track is found by going the distance on the extra mile. A recent Forbes article recommends adding customer loyalty rewards to your list of business resolutions in 2014. The typically slow days at the start of the new year are optimal for sending personalized notes, or for offering discounts tailored to individual clients that they will be remember in the upcoming months. Much like our personal resolutions for fitness, getting your small business into shape requires effort. How much do we have to do?  Look to the restaurant owner who made a short trip to a back room for a heater on a cold winter night and now looks forward to the warmth of satisfied customers all year long. 

 Just one small step for business owners, can create a giant experience for customers – Katie Griffin

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