2016-03-08 16.32.12Spring is probably my favorite season. Living in the south, it means spring starts in February and ends in May. I love that I get three full months of warm (not hot) weather and sun. For me, wearing my favorite spring prints and colors is just part of the fun of the season. With temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s, I can get away with my beautiful chiffon dresses, pastel colored jeans, and even my white skirts. I always feel the prettiest and most feminine during the spring. The weather is perfect for day to night outfits or to get that first bit of sunlight on your skin after a long winter.

However, there are always a few days out of every month that I don’t feel as confident in my spring pastels. When my aunt flow decides to show up, wearing those light colored pants or skirts is the last thing I want to do. However, I hate spending a week or more out of the month wearing black or dark colors. That’s why I decided to stop feeling blue and start living my life the way I wanted! Instead of locking my pretty and girly clothes away during that time of the month, I decided to find a way to fight back against my period. I wasn’t going to let something as little as my cycle stop me from wearing what I wanted. That’s when I discovered the power of U by Kotex and SweetSpot Labs.

U by Kotex and SweetSpot Labs Give Me My Wardrobe Back

When the crimson tide rears it’s ugly head, panic used to set in. I would dig deep into my2016-03-08 16.36.07 closet to get back out those thick winter jeans I though I had stored away. But, not anymore. Now I can easily and freely wear the clothes I want without having to worry about spots, stains, or ruining some of my favorite pastels. U by Kotex is designed to help prevent leaking and to guard my clothes from period problems. No longer do I have to worry about everyone knowing what time of the month it is or stains showing through on my clothes. However, U by Kotex isn’t my only weapon in the fight to get my life back on my period.

SweetSpot Labs also makes me feel more confident, refreshed, and empowered during that time. With lotions, crèmes, wipes, and other feminine refreshing products, I can finally feel more comfortable wearing those spring dresses. I never have to worry about feminine odors caused by my period or worry about my personal pH balance. SweetSpot Labs makes it easier to care for not only myself but also my wardrobe every month!

2016-03-08 16.38.16If you’re tired of spending your period in the dark, stop! Put on those spring clothes and enjoy a day in the sun. U by Kotex and SweetSpot Labs makes it easy to take back control of your spring wardrobe and your life. Head to your nearest Target store and stock up on all the products you need. Shop and buy any two U by Kotex or SweetSpot Labs products and receive a FREE deluxe sample. But, if you’re ready to save even more money, download the Cartwheel app. Shop for U by Kotex and SweetSpot Labs using the Cartwheel app and get 15% off any products! Now, that’s a sweet deal.

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