Good Content Travels Fast ( Promote Your Blog to Over 500,000 People)

best-non-profits-to-work-for-2012By harnessing the full force of social networking, Project Eve’s members are joining forces, pooling resources, and bringing up all women behind them as they climb, ultimately ushering more women into the business world, addressing the gender imbalance, increasing opportunity, and empowering each of us to achieve more than ever before. The women of Project Eve understand that there’s simply no better investment for women to make than in one another.

Do you Want to Promote Your Blog to Over 500,000 Engaged Project Eve Community Members?

Here is what you need to do.

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Pay it forward. We believe that an increase in site traffic will allow our unpaid bloggers to gain more visibility and hopefully drive more business opportunity.







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Meridith Dennes is a co-founder and the CEO of Project Eve LLC, a leading women's lifestyle media company online including some of the web's best loved communities including the eponymous Project Eve, Getting Balance, Project Eve Moms, Project Eve Money and Scary Puppy Silly Kitty. With a digital readership in excess of 20+ million monthly uniques, and over 1 million social media followers, Project Eve provides the news and resources to inspire and empower women. Meridith also works as a digital consultant and social media strategist and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to help increase brand awareness and improve social media engagement. Meridith holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. Prior to founding Project Eve, she spent 15 years working in investment banking. Meridith currently lives in Vermont with her husband and 2 daughters and spends her free time teaching skiing, practicing yoga, hiking and snowshoeing.


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