Great ideas die with excuse number one.

Do you know a person who is always coming up with new ideas, new plans to get rich, new vacation destinations to strive for, or new places to live? That person who is continuously thinking, plotting, and scheming to make their lives better? Those people are ridiculously plentiful – and that’s great! Good for them. We should all be so lucky to dream and come up with free thoughts as frequently as them.

But the problem with being an idea woman is the notion that that’s all it is – it’s just an idea. Where’s the action? Where the plan? Where’s step one?

More often than not, these ideas fizzle away into a place where they will never be recovered if they are not turned immediately into actions. They are just passing thoughts… good thoughts… thoughts that, when put in motion, would have a fighting chance for success.

Think of the artistic woman who has an incredible ability to see things differently than the rest of the world… the woman who has the talent to build, create, and accomplish great projects. This woman has endless possibilities for success and happiness. But why doesn’t it happen? Why does she stop with the dream, the idea, the thought? What stops her from putting her plan into action? What stops her from writing down step one, and then crossing it off? Is it fear of failure? Is it self-doubt? Is it that learning how to market yourself and your product or service would take what seems like another 10 years of education?

I want to help this woman. In fact, I’m describing someone in my life who is very close to me. But the problem is, that she has to help herself. I can point her in the direction of endless inspirational bloggers, songs, and movies that should speak to her inspiration and motivation, but in the end, that desire to jump start these ideas has to come from her. It has to come from within. Something has to light that fire to get her on the move.

It is true that we can’t help everyone. If there is no motivation, there is no motivation. We, as women, friends, and mentors, can only do so much to help others in their business ventures. Sometimes, people will come up with every excuse in the book NOT to accomplish something they claim to desire.

Some people say that they want to lose weight. But do they? Nope. They eat another cookie and say they’ll start tomorrow. Some people say that they want to begin writing a blog. But do they? Nope. They claim they have writer’s block today and that they will start tomorrow. Some people say that they want to work on creating their own company. But do they? Nope. They say that they want to continue working full time in their corporate job to save up money before even thinking about step one. This is where ideas die, ladies.

Great ideas die with excuse number one.

So why do some have the ability to think of an idea, to come up with step one, and to execute step one? Why does that series of events come so naturally to some women, and seems to be so difficult for other women? How can we help our sisters get out of their own way, and get on track to accomplishing their dreams, too? If the idea women weren’t built for success, the ideas would never come. They want success, they can taste success, but they need an extra push for some reason. If they didn’t want it, they would sit back happily in their mediocre jobs, with their mediocre lives, and they would go on living day-to-day with zero ambition and no care to even think of an “idea.”

What advice would you give to an idea woman? Do you know one of these women? If so, what would you like to say to them?


  1. I wish there was a general answer to that. A master key to unlock life’s potential for happiness and success. Yet there is three little things that might help:

    1) Baby-Steps – once you have an idea, that makes you all excited inside and you feel that (maybe only soft) urge to follow it through, start with a little thing, just simply do one thing – as live goes, setting motion with that little step, will reverbarate and things start to happen. Don’t think about all the steps you will have to take. Just make one little step!

    2) Find Do-ers. Maybe you have the ability to think and dream – but maybe your dreaming ability is so strong, that it keeps you from doing… so find “Do-ers” and inspire them with your dream. Share your dream and a good team can achieve it together with you

    3) Put the other dreams away for a moment. Pick one idea to follow through at a time. Do your baby-step, find your team and be on this way. “Kill” the other ideas while you’re on that way. If that way turns out to come to an end, then and only then you can go back to the other ideas or… more likely for the inspired idea woman- come up with new ones.

  2. I think that it would be wonderful to have 1 answer to the question but it really depends on the individual. I love to ideate and find coming up with ideas a way to dream of possibilities but I also realize that a good idea must also have order and balance. 

    I love this quote  and I keep it with me all the time: Inch by Inch is a Cinch but Yard by Yard is Hard. It’s much easier to focus on the smaller steps and being happy with the progress then setting my motivation on the final completion of an idea.

     I have realized that my ideas can flow but it is up to me to manage them. Some of my ideas will come to fruition sooner and a lot will be later. I am good with that I know it’s important to be inspired and leave open the space within me to dream.

     Sometimes we get caught up on the idea of  completing all of our inspirations within a certain deadline. But really if I live to be 90 years old I have another 46 years to put those dreams in motion, the only clock ticking is the one I imagine to be. 

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