Grounding and the Healthy Trinity

Earthing and yoga at 30 weeks pregnant


I have been studying yoga for several years, and the idea of grounding is integral to the practice. We strive to root our bodies in order to find balance both physically and mentally. While until recently I didn’t know we were looking for a literal electrical connection, I would often (and still do) take my yoga practice to a quiet park without my mat just to get my hands and feet dirty, smell the scents of nature, feel the sun and look at the trees while moving in my active meditation. I come out of these practices feeling particularly calm, energized and complete. I knew nothing of electricity or the scientific aspects of grounding, I only knew that having my bare skin on the earth made me feel good. When I heard of the Earthing movement I shrugged it off. I thought it to be an obvious phenomena, and something I did regularly (once a week or so). I had no idea just how important Earthing is to optimizing the health and function of our bodies, and how important it is to have a LOT more of it than an hour once a week as I was getting, which is still more than most people I know of in our society.


A few months after I learned about Earthing as a movement and the science behind the Earth’s electrical charge benefiting our bodies, I heard of Earthing as a company, and was honestly a bit disturbed. Why would anyone sell a product when all the consumer needs to do is simply go outside to get the benefits? My skeptical mind was quickly transformed when I received an Earthing bed sheet and yoga mat for my 29th birthday just over a year ago. After my first indoor yoga session on my new mat I was hooked on the technology. In my meditative state, I truly felt as though there were grass and trees surrounding me. The spare bedroom in my small apartment suddenly became an open field in the forest. Upon completion, I felt the same peaceful energetic feeling I receive when practicing in the park. I was thrilled! I could now have that same feeling of practicing outdoors daily without having to make the extra trip after a grueling workday, when the weather is less than friendly, when I’m simply too busy or lazy to go outside. Thanks to my Earthing sheet (and Grounded Beauty pillows my husband and I have since gotten) my sleep at night and energy levels during the day have improved, which wasn’t anything I had previously thought to be a problem. Clearly, while we can all benefit by getting our bare feet outside, we can gain a greater benefit of this particular connection by bringing the energy indoors where we spend the majority of our lives. What a marvelous gift!


A lot of the stories I have heard boast that becoming grounded improves numerous inflammatory ailments, sleep troubles, and even reproductive problems. I suppose my story is a bit lackluster by comparison. I am young, fit and healthy. I follow a plant based diet, exercise 4-6 days per week, and spend as much time outdoors as someone living in our rubber- shod, disconnected society can. I still feel that grounding has had a massive impact on my life by optimizing my strength, energy, post workout recovery time, and overall wellness and appearance. Even my thin, flat hair has grown longer and shinier. Sleeping grounded helped me during my pregnancy, natural delivery, and recovery from having my now 4 month old son, as well as helping him adjust to life here on our Earth, a story I plan to share in a future post. I now believe that maintaining a beautiful, strong, and healthy body and mind is not a straight line between diet and exercise, rather a triangle complete with the points of clean eating, active lifestyle, and Earthing. So, what are you waiting for? Take your shoes off and go outside!

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