Grow a Marketing Mindset!

Grow your marketing mindset!

Have you been struggling with growing your business? Do you have excellent products and services but “selling has never been your thing”? You need to develop your marketing mindset!

Why do you need a marketing mindset?

All of us are in the business of selling. Every single day you engage in conversations that involve selling something:
• You try to convince your child she’ll be happier in a clean room.
• You tell your husband that the garbage really is full.
• You try to get your boss to offer flextime.
• You have an amazing product to sell that can help people.
No matter who we are, we’re all constantly trying to sell our ideas to others. So you already have a marketing mindset but you just aren’t using it effectively!

What is a mindset?

You may believe your conscious mind is running your life and helping you to make good decisions, but it’s actually your unconscious that’s calling all the shots. Your mindset is ruled by your unconscious beliefs. Your mindset includes:
• Your perspective,
• Your attitude,
• Your assumptions, and
• Your beliefs.

Your mindset is influenced by your unconscious far more than you know it. But you can influence your conscious mind and use this skill to create a powerful marketing mindset.

The marketing mindset will help you to use your brain to serve your purpose in life!

How do you get it?

The goal is to fill your conscious brain with ideas, beliefs and images that respond to your goals, plans and desires. First, you need to set up your surroundings so that your goals will be consistently reinforced. This may mean that you spend less time on activities or even people who don’t support you in reaching your goals. Then make a list of what’s important to have in a marketing mindset. Start with these ideas:
• Collect powerful quotes that reinforce your positive beliefs.
• Pay attention to successful marketing messages and consider what makes them great.
• Track your own marketing attempts to see what works.
• Carry a mini-recorder so you can take “notes” while you’re out and about.
• Use different parts of your brain by including images or charts in your list.
• Add all your thoughts to your list!

Start to reinforce these messages throughout the day. Post your list in strategic places in your home, review it and add to it often. Take what you learn and repackage it into your own point of view. This is called leverage and it’s a critical part of the marketing mindset.

You can re-wire your brain!

People who have a marketing mindset are able to effortlessly influence the behavior of others. And whether this means you’ll have a cleaner house, a happier workplace or a bigger bank account, you can create it!

Michelle Pitot, EdD, CPC, LCSW, is the founder of ProMojo Coaching and Consulting. She escaped Corporate America to start her own businesses, and now helps other women get unstuck, find their Mojo, and create success and happiness in their chosen path.

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