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If you’re looking to get on the success train and stay on it let me take you inside the world of success growth and the absolute have to know stuff that will keep you up there.
All the time I am seeing the most amazing people figuring out the key to their success but not truly understanding what it takes to maintain that success. Whether it’s upgrading your life or your business, the key lies in how passionate you are about what you’re doing and the more passion you have the easier it is to ignite your success and to keep that fire fuelled.
Think about Victoria Beckham – love her or hate her she is a brilliant example of transformational success from fading singer in a short-lived girl band to a super brand within the global fashion industry. Reinventing oneself is an amazing feat but doing so in the public eye is a whole different ball game. It’s hard not to admire her determination and the passion she has for what she does. Not only that she is a Mother to four children! Years ago when Mrs Beckham was asked to define what success would look like to her, she simply answered, “I want to be as big as Persil Automatic”; there was no comparison to other singers or designers just a clear goal of becoming a global brand.
This example is so poignant because all too often we take people within our own fields and we look to emulate their success rather than putting our own unique spin on what we do and defining our success based on what feels right to us.
By doing this we compromise not only our opportunities but also the uniqueness that we have within. If I was to look at my own life, I find it incredibly simple to define – I have high expectations of myself and I set similar expectations of those that work with me.
Yes I could compromise and lower my expectations to keep others happy, but I choose not to lower my standards and instead choose to work with people who I genuinely connect with.
Yes this can cause difficulties and I am happy to own the fact that at times I have chosen to work with people who I have connected with on a personal level only to find out that their work didn’t meet my expectations or even the expectations that they themselves promised – think over promising and under delivering.
I could continue to work with them and compromise my personal expectations or I can choose to move on and work with people who have similar expectations as my own.
I’ve recently worked with a company that had great initial start-up success only to flounder when they tried to expand their brand. It came down to one thing – same input = same output.
They were unable to look beyond their initial success, largely depending on a handful of people that limited their ability to grow. Customers were initially impressed, but soon fell into the “same shit, different month” mentality. The Company has missed the opportunity to expand their unique offering because they chose to ride the initial success wave without considering how to support their current customer base by choosing to focus on their “start-up clientele”.
Looking in from the outside it is easy to pinpoint the key areas, but when it’s your life or business it’s easy to get caught up in the operational aspects of everyday life/business that we often forget to take a step back and work on our lives/businesses rather than working within them.
From my own experiences I’ve pulled together some key themes that can help you to keep succeeding in whatever you do and to not fall into those all too common traps that sabotage the ability to grow your success!
1. Set clear expectations and boundaries. Always deliver on what you promise, be it in life and/or business.
2. “Know when to grow” – choose the best people to support and inspire you in your desire to be the best. Don’t be afraid to depart with those who don’t work in your corner.
3. Be true to yourself. Set your own expectations not the expectations of others.
4. Love and own your mistakes. Treat them as opportunities to learn and grow.
5. Own up to your mistakes, be it in life or business. Customer satisfaction can make or break your business. Do your utmost to make it right.
6. If you happen to over-promise and under deliver, make it a priority to get it sorted. It doesn’t matter whether it is in life or business, what you do to make it right is what you will be remembered for.
7. Genuinely understand your strengths and weaknesses and outsource where it matters most. You can’t do it all, no matter how much you think you can.
8. Learn from your experiences – seek criticism even when praise is offered.
9. Let go of the trivial stuff and don’t be afraid to work with others to build your dream.
10. In life and business don’t wait till growth happens to build your dream team, be proactive and do it beforehand. You will only let others down by waiting.
11. Have faith in your dream – others may not get it, that’s great they’re not meant to!
12. Be your best today and your uber best tomorrow.

Penny is the founder of The Happy Life. A creative coaching business that supports and nurtures people to unearth their dreams and live their passion. The Happy Life offers free coaching to youth parents and free marketing and relationship management services to a number of charitable organisations


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