Growth Hacking Ideas for Your Struggling Business

Two words that business owners love to hear: simple and free.

An even better word is growth.

Growth means different things depending on where you are in your business. Are you just starting and need your first 10 clients? Or are you barely making it and are struggling to find your next 10 clients?

Wherever you are on your business journey, growth has to be a priority until you are profitable enough to focus on maintaining a certain profit level.

Growth expert, Neil Patel explains exactly what growth hackers are:

“Due to the startup culture, they often have to use analytical, inexpensive, creative and innovative ways to exponentially grow their company’s customer base.”

If you need a few innovative ways to grow your business, consider these simple (and cheap!) growth hacking ideas:

Get Testimonials

People want to know what they are buying, how it works, and what other customers think of it. Especially when they are buying

People want to know what they are buying, how it works, and what other customers think of it. Especially when they are buying from a new business or something they have never tried. That’s why you need strong testimonials to show how awesome your products are.

A friend’s dog recently had surgery and needed a “cone of shame” during the recovery period. She looked at a few crazy (but really cute) cones on Amazon, including this adorable one:

Then she stumbled on this alternative and decided to purchase it based entirely on the testimonials:

“This item really fits the bill. I like it a lot. More importantly, my dog seems to like it even more.”

“I can’t say enough about this product! I HATE E- collars and think they compound the recovery situation so I took a chance on getting this. I am so happy I did!”

“Oh my heavens!! This is the best alternative to the cone-head on the market.”

Regardless of your product and service, these are the kinds of testimonials that sell your product. Be upfront and ask for reviews or testimonials. Give away your products in return for an honest review. Do whatever it takes to get awesome reviews onto your product pages and social media posts. It’s free and increases your brand’s credibility.

Jumpstart Your Social Shares

Maybe you’ll get to the point where people love sharing your social media posts. But today is probably not that day.

That’s where social sharing services can really help. Some are free and some have a low-cost monthly fee.

  • Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon: ViralContentBee
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+: JustRetweet
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube: CoPromote
  • Sharing blog post content with larger groups of bloggers: Triberr

Try the free options and see if you get any decent results. Just don’t forget to make content that people want to share.

Reduce Your Offerings (no really!)

Sometimes our perceptions don’t match our reality.

Many businesses over-deliver when it comes to how many products or service options they sell. Because more must be better, right?

Actually, one company increased sales by 1000% by offering fewer products!

“A well-known study was conducted in a supermarket. A jam tasting kiosk offered various flavors to customers. The test compared the impact of varying the number of choices between 24 and 6.

Result: The kiosk with 6 flavours converted into customers at a 1000% higher rate than the one with 24 flavours.”

The reason this works is because of a real issue known as analysis paralysis. The more services, features, and options may actually decrease your sales conversions. Look at your product line or service plans. Do some testing and see if offering less could actually increase your sales.

Adopt a Growth Hacking Mindset

Growth hacking is not the same thing as marketing. It’s entirely focused on growth, using whatever means necessary. Well, nothing illegal, obviously. Just throwing everything possible into growing your business without spending all your time and money.

If you’re struggling to get your business to the next level, consider switching your traditional marketing to growth hacking instead. There are many simple and affordable ways to grow your business.

Just remember that you can’t think about your long-term strategies until you’ve built a stable business. And until your business is financially secure, you’re number one priority is growth.


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