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At the beginning of every summer, I dream about lazy days spent with my kids. However, after a summer full of packing and unpacking beach bags and contending with summer travel insanity, I’m craving the routine and consistency of the school year. But adjusting back to that routine can be torturous particularly when you add all of it to dealing with the carpool ant-trail, lunch, and snacks, homework, school projects, sick days, and all the rest once school resumes. There are loads of tips out there to help your kids adjust to a new school year but less for moms. So as a back to school veteran I’ve rounded up some just for you. Here are my tried and true tips for keeping it together and even carving out some time for yourself once back to school arrives.

Don’t over schedule!

You might think this is advice for the kids, but it is also advice for you. Every year we have members in the Project Eve Moms community wondering how to juggle three kids doing three different activities in three different part of town all at the same time. Or even how to have one child do two activities with overlapping times. JUST SAY NO. Be reasonable about what you and your kids can take on. You can’t simultaneously be giving a presentation, baking a cake and volunteering in the classroom same goes for your kids. If you schedule your kids and yourself like you can time travel you will make yourself crazy and leave no time for yourself or your kids to decompress much less master a new skill.

Be proactive and practical!

Take proactive, practical steps that keep you pulled together. Meeting new moms, teachers, and specialists can be stressful do what you can to help yourself feel pulled together. Keep a brush in the car, handy wipes, and breath mints too. One thing you shouldn’t stress about? Leaks! I have a friend who never made it to meet her kids’ teachers on back to school night because she was super stressed that she might have had a leak during a LONG all school presentation. Plan for that and other unexpected delays with Poise® because Poise® has your back. Poise® Impressa® Bladder Supports allows you to take control of your light bladder leaks (LBL) – something that affects 1 in 3 women. Let that sink in: 1 in 3!! It’s one of those things that can come with being a woman or may develop after having a baby. Getting control over leaks can give you the freedom to laugh, run, play and juggle activities during the whole school-year.

Lots of women aren’t comfortable talking about light bladder leaks; we get that! But something so incredibly common shouldn’t stop you from living your life when there are great solutions out there. Poise® is there to help the many women that experience little leaks. Poise® has designed a variety of products that move with your body and protect you from leaks so you can worry less and focus on what matters. Did you know Poise® makes the first over-the-counter internal product designed to stop bladder leaks before they happen? Poise® Impressa® Bladder Supports are available in three sizes so you can find your perfect fit. Planning for LBL on a long day of running around is right up there with the reason we toss extra tampons and pads in our bags and wear a hair tie around our wrist. If we get out ahead of a known stressor, we can dodge the stress completely!

Schedule you!

Lots of moms in our community call this the ‘airbag rule’ referring to the advice you get on airplanes: In an emergency put on your airbag then help your kids with theirs. This is true in life too. If you don’t schedule time to make healthy choices for yourself, you will have a hard time helping your family do all the great things you have planned for the school-year too. Whether you commit to taking a 20-minute walk on your lunch hour, packing a healthy lunch for yourself, or doing sun salutations in the living room at the beginning or end of the day, find time to help yourself along with everyone else.

Plan For Dead Time.

No matter how good you are at scheduling activities, practice schedules, homework, and carpools, you are going to end up with dead time on your hands. Rather than staring at your screen, then wondering where the time flew while waiting for the school bus, bring a book and use that ten minutes to read something you love every day. I like to knit so during swim practice one kid swims, the other logs his reading assignment and I knit. By the end of the season, I was sewing together a sweater! Do the same with something you love, and you’ll look up at the end of the day and know you did right by yourself while taking care of your family too!

What are your back to school tips for banishing stress and keeping it all together?

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