Guidelines for Growing Your Business

In the spirit of the Holidays, we’re giving you our list of Guidelines For Growing Your Business.

We’ve pulled this list together based on conversations we’ve had with people over the last several months. First up, a few repeat offenders that impede business growth, followed by our list of ideas that encourage business growth.

Here are a few common pitfalls of business growth…

  • No strategic plan
  • Poor communication
  • Poor execution
  • Unclear ideal client profile
  • No customer communication plan
  • Afraid of hiring
  • No marketing plan
  • Not tracking results

Here are a few ideas for encouraging business growth…

  • Create a Strategic Plan. Three months prior to your new year, set aside time to review financial and initiative results and brainstorm on ideas that encourage bigger and better results. Identify what the company is doing well, areas needing improvement and areas for growth and brand advancement. Craft your Action Plan.
  • Define your Marketing Plan. Consider inbound and outboard marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.
  • Communicate Inwards. Outline expectations in terms of; company goals, individual goals, the ‘ideal’ client, the customer experience, skills, consumer engagement etc..
  • Communicate Outwards. Build relationships both offline and online; by leveraging social media channels, being active in the community, sharing your knowledge by writing a blog and/or volunteering to speak at conferences, you’ll get people talking.
  • Accountability. Make people accountable for delivering results. Do this in a way that inspires them and motivates them to be great contributors to your company.
  • Hire People. Doing it all yourself will stifle growth and prompt burnout. Stick to what you do well (and love) and hire to fulfill the other responsibilities. Start small, but start.
  • Hire the Right People. Successful candidates should ‘fit’ with the company culture and uphold the right skill sets.
  • Remove Obstacles. Ensure people have the right tools to deliver the best customer experience.
  • Perform a Client Cleanse. Your goal is to work only with your ideal clients. Define an on-boarding plan for those ready to work with you, and an off-boarding plan for those who don’t fit the profile. Invest in your customers.
  • Focus. Ask yourself. What’s the single best thing I can for my business today? Do it daily.
  • Track Results. Adjust actions in a timely fashion.
  • Act Now. Be today, the company you intend to become.
  • Give 100% – Expect 100%. Setting the example by what you do rather than what you say is a good thing.
  • Work your best hours. Try the 60.60.30 schedule.
  • Take time to rest and rejuvenate.

Our wish for you this Holiday season? We hope you act now by planning and executing different activities, that yield you different results – more fruitful and profitable results.

Frozen at the thought of getting started? It’s our pleasure to help. Connect or call us today  647.847.4335 to kick start your strategic planning session.


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