Gussying up your smartphone: My favorite apps

Every day there are new apps that make our lives easier… and I had to share my favorites. Most of these have some Android equivalent. Share yours in the comments!

Hootsuite – My favorite social media aggregator, it saves time and lets you get push messages for any updates or new followers. Also has scheduling of posts and some basic stats to review.

CardMunch – Take a clear photo of someone’s business card and within anywhere from and hour to a day, the details are saved for you inLinkedIn. You can also then save to your phone book. Timesaver!

Instagram – Cool photos, plus it’s a great time-passer on the L. And if you see a Yeti somewhere in Chicago…

Dragon Dictation – Just what it says, and you can automate so many processes like calling, or emailing. Siri might be giving it a run for its money, but it usually understands my speech patterns and is good for note-taking.

Evernote – This app has changed how I take notes, sync notes for meetings, not to mention add in blog post ideas quickly. Has an audio portion as well as text. It’s also essential for keeping snippets of code I don’t want to lose or forget.

Pulse – News feed from a variety of sources, includingMashableTime Magazine, or really any source, with a nice Pinterest-y graphic interface that’s easy to use on an iPhone or a Kindle. Easily share posts to Twitter or Facebook too via its interface.

Starbucks – Fast coffee. Need I say more?

bloom – Reminders to take mini 1-minute vacations with photos and music [I personally like the James Brown interlude to “Get up!” off of your chair], or to drink a glass of water… you set the reminders & when they come to you. The nice thing is these aren’t all touchy-feely: They’re actionable and healthy things to do.

Savored – Still checking this out, but it uses your location and search to find open tables at restaurants. Benefits you in that you get ~30% off usually to book and attend, and restaurants can fill just-opened tables.

Brewster – Pick your most-contacted friends/colleagues and get all of their contact info., including all social networks they’re on, in one convenient place.

What are your favorites?


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