Happiness…one thought at a time…

I can’t say that I have met a person who has not become depressed at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, life is set up for both triumphs and disappointments. The disappointments have a tendency to keep us at a low for a longer span of time than our triumphs keep us at a high. These disappointments are often what slow us down; they consume our thoughts and they distract us from our goals. It is only natural that we feel bad about things that are seemingly bad. What I find to be the issue for myself is HOW LONG I tend to be distracted by my disappointments and HOW MUCH it slows me down.
In business, we tend not to speak about our personal feelings. We feel as though emotional topics have no place in the workplace. Ideally, that is correct. However, we are human and we carry our emotions with us every day. So, what do we do with those emotions? Is it smart to suppress them until we get home? Should we do our best to not face them and bury ourselves in work? I cannot speak for all, but I can say that none of the above work for me. What I do instead is attempt to live in the moment with the understanding that I cannot change the past or predict the future. I become focused on what is in front of me and give the best service to what is in front of me (whether it is a client or a project) because at that very moment; that thing is what matters most. My distraction, disappointment or fears will still be present when I am finished with the task at hand; on that I can most certainly rely. But if I can concentrate on what is in front of me, I can create a chain reaction for positive things to follow. If I give my all to it, then I will walk away feeling gratitude and eventually the things that I have given my positive energy to will return the favor. I understand that I must work through and solve my problems. But if I spend the whole day concentrating on them; when do I make room for anything good to happen?

It is tough to pretend to be happy when faced with disappointment. It is even tougher to leave your emotions at home. So my challenge to everyone today is to focus on one task at a time and give it all of your positive energy. When you are done, you can wallow in your disappointment; it will still be waiting for you. But if you can get focused on your own success despite the curve balls that life will throw you, you will find that your triumphs outweigh your disappointments.

Stay at peace,

Devon Keith is a single mother of 3 WONDERFUL children. Her book “The Single Mother’s Guide to Being a Diva” will be published in the Spring of 2013. In the meantime she blogs on her website, Makeithappendiva.com, to empower single mothers to strive for success while raising well rounded children. Check out the Facebook page “The Single Mother’s Guide to Being a Diva”

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