Heading in a Renewed Direction

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If you and I have ever been in a conversation, then you probably know that I steer away from resolutions partly because I think there is so much build up with resolutions. Everyone goes in so strong but by March most of us find that things are waning a bit.

I prefer to do inspirations. I like to feel that my change comes from inspiration rather than a formal decree. When I make subtle changes in my life because I feel drawn to it, I find I most likely stick with the inspired idea through the year.

So now April has arrived, how are you doing with your resolution? Feeling inspired?

Were you resolved in the New Year to create or break the habits in your life?

Did you find yourself withdrawing from life when those habits you were trying to break became even more difficult and the goals you were trying to achieve slowly  began to slip away? You are not alone. We all have those days when we just ask aloud … “Why  do I bother to try?

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image by purplejavatroll

I am here to remind you that Yes! Please bother and KEEP TRYING!

The moment I begin to feel frustrated, I take a pause…

I ask these 2 questions: 

Am I giving to my life?


Am I taking from my life?

Let’s get back to those resolutions…

Are they working for you? Are you working hard to maintain that diet, exercise program and other goals?

Somewhere in there, did you find the time to protect your sacred self? Was one of those resolutions you created about nurturing your inner self?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the outward action, sometimes you forget that it all begins from within. The very genesis of your journey towards your goals is from within. Take a pause and sit with the year so far… looking back so far has it been a year of cultivation?

Do you find your days are held with savor or are you barely salvaging the days? If you are frazzled a bit, it’s okay! It is just that you need more time… find your own personal rhythm.  Rhythm is important because it allows you to become familiar with your inner aspirations. It draws you out of your blues and you begin to rely on and look forward to the life you want to lead.

If you are struggling to find your peace, your inner zen or opening yourself to the acceptance of what did not fall in your plan this year?

It’s time to consider…

a new idea

a new inspiration

a new way of thinking

a new way of accepting

a new way of understanding

image  by: Dawn

image by: Dawn

It’s time to breathe in the NEW and look for your rhythm… soon your answers will come to light.


Releasing the non serving thoughts that are holding you hostage from the dreams you have.

Holding the space for your inner self to become who you are meant to be.

Your Time is the most valuable asset and it’s time to savor and create time just for you.

Time in the present moment is what matters most; pull yourself out of the past and don’t worry, the future unfolds in its own time.

Honor your gifts and talents-be proud of what you can do.

Measure your progress by how you spend your days.


How we spend our days, is of course how we spend our lives. ~ Anne Dillard


Planting Peace…Shelley