Healing Tooth and Gum Pain, Naturally

Healing Tooth and Gum Pain, Naturally

Let me start off with a statement that’s obvious to those who know me, but maybe not to those who just stumbled upon this post: I am not a dentist! I have zero medical background and no training in oral health, so take what you want from this post, as I am simply sharing my personal experiences and not giving any medical advice. Trust your gut and talk to your dentist/doctor when necessary.
Let me rewind back to October, well actually probably back to September when I started having some real tooth and/or gum pain on my upper left side. I was starting to get pretty worried, as it wasn’t letting up, and I figured I would most likely need to make a dentist appointment. My gums were red and tender, even running my tongue over them would cause pain, and I wasn’t sure if I was having gum issues or issues with my teeth.
What I was positive I was having issues with was procrastination! I am REALLY, REALLY BAD about going to the doctor or dentist, as I am a bit stubborn and feel that most times my body can heal itself. I also am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I remember the night that I discovered Wellness Mama’s website becausemy husband was out at a fundraiser event, and I was curled up on the couch researching Spirulina for a product review I was writing.
That Spirulina search lead me to her page, which then lead me to other articles she had written, and I landed on “How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally”, and that’s when I started healing my mouth. Like I said, I believe things happen for a reason. Would you believe that the VERY NEXT DAY, right after I made my batch of remineralizing toothpaste (recipe below), I received an offer to review a natural product and it was Hyperbiotiocs brand Pro-Dental supplements?!
Many of the oral health issues we suffer from such as cavities, gum disease, bad breath and even ear, nose, throat and sinus infections are because the probiotics in our oral cavities have been depleted. This can be due to stress, antibiotics or even a person’s diet. You’ve probably heard about using probiotics to regulate the flora (good bacteria) in your gut, well this product has that same effect on your oral cavities. All of the science-y stuff can be found on the Hyperbiotics website if you are interested in the strains of probiotics that these chewable tablets contain, and what they will each do in your mouth.
I find that type of information interesting, so I read through it all, but I know a lot of people just want to know what it tastes like and does it work. After taking the Pro-Dental for the past 5 weeks, I can tell you this: It is a small chewable tablet with a light, minty taste. You only need to take one a day, although you could take 2-3 tablets up to twice per day if you need intense repair.
I chose to take one tablet, and I usually took it after my morning coffee (I left the bottle right beside my computer so I would remember to take one everyday!) The bottle suggests that you take it after brushing your teeth or using mouthwash, since many store-bought products work to kill all of the bacteria in your mouth. Remember, this is helping to bring the good bacteria back!
So, I started using the remineralizing toothpaste and taking Vitamin D supplements on Oct 28th (I was already using a lot of coconut oil in my diet, and healthy fats are needed for your body to absorb some vitamins and minerals), and about a week later I added the Pro-Dental.
As of today, my pain and tenderness is GONE! My gums are no longer red, and I feel great. I can truly say I feel I had success in healing tooth and gum pain.
I had never thought about needing a probiotic for my mouth, but really, your mouth is the beginning of your digestive system, so if probiotics help in the gut then it make sense that they will help in the mouth, too. The Pro-Dental not only helps with cavities and gum health, but it can also help dissolve plaque, get rid of bad breath, alleviate sensitivity, and also help prevent ear, nose, throat, and sinus infections. 
In summary, here’s the toothpaste recipe and a re-cap of what I am using that I believe aided me in healing tooth and gum pain naturally. (Affiliate links to the brands I use.):

  • Remineralizing Toothpaste:Mix all ingredient in a glass bowl or jar, and use in place of traditional toothpaste. Seal bowl/jar between uses.
    • 5 tablespoons Calcium Powder (we need calcium for strong teeth and bones)
    • 2 tablespoons baking soda (works as a mild abrasive and also helps whiten)
    • 3 tablespoons coconut oil (this is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral)
    • optional a few drops of essential oil if you want to make it minty or another flavor

I am continuing this mouth-care routine, as I have read more and more about the benefits of naturally caring for my teeth. And I can say, that after 5 weeks of not using “traditional” toothpaste and mouthwash products that my husband still finds me kissable 
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