Helpful Tips For Visiting The Grand Canyon

I remember visiting the Grand Canyon as a child. Back then, we always loaded up the car and hit the open road instead of hopping aboard an airplane. For us, getting there was part of the vacation journey. Click here for a list of podcasts that can make your journey more enjoyable.

I’m pretty sure I would have appreciated the magnificent views and the remarkable journeys more if I had been a bit older. As a kid, staring at rock formations was not really the hippest of vacations.

The Grand Canyon is not only recognized as one of the largest canyons in the world; It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World! It really should be on your bucket list if you have not already had the honor of viewing its majestic, awe-inspiring beauty.

Visiting the Grand Canyon can be tailored to suit you and your family’s lifestyles. With options to camp or stay at a lodge, hike or ride a train, you can have the vacation that makes everyone happy. If you choose to camp, then check out these camping tents.

Visiting The Grand Canyon For Fun And Adventure

Best Time For Visiting The Grand Canyon: Be mindful of the season. Remember, the Grand Canyon is a major tourist destination, so the summer months are going to be extremely busy. Moreover, during the summer, you may experience traffic congestion and parking problems. The best time to visit is from March through May, and September through November. The least crowded time is from November through February, but winter weather should be considered.

How To Get Around While Visiting The Grand Canyon: There are free shuttle busses that operates in and around the South Rim Village. It provides a free way to access, without the hassles, the South Rim trails, viewpoints, and other points of interest that may only be accessible by bus. There are shuttles that can take you from the South Rim to the North Rim at a flat or hourly rate.

If you locate a transportation desk, you can find information about Phantom Ranch facilities, horseback riding, mule trips, air tours, motor coach tours, and one-day float trips. Find more info on getting around.

What To Do While Visiting The Grand Canyon: This may sound obvious or extremely boring to you, but stop and enjoy the sights of the Grand Canyon’s massive expanse of exquisite rock formations, ridges, and beautiful gorges. It is truly breathtaking, and an experience one should have in their lifetime.

One of the best ways to see the canyon is by taking a hiking tour to the bottom of the canyon. Some of the best trails include the Bright Angel or Rim trails on the South Rim. You may choose to raft the Colorado River. Travelers highly recommend O.A.R.S. for their excellent rafting tours.

Once you decide what you can physically undertake, your options are numerous! You can hike the trails, take a bike tour, a mule tour, a rafting/boating tour or you may choose to see the Grand Canyon by airplane, helicopter, or train. For more information on tours, click here.

You should definitely try to catch a sunrise and a sunset as you will find no greater place on earth than while in the Grand Canyon. For sunrise/sunset times and moon phases.

Dining Options While Visiting The Grand Canyon: There are restaurants or grocery stores available for you to find sustenance for your activities. You may want to buy some food and have a marvelous picnic with a gorgeous view! For a listing of restaurants and grocery stores inside and outside of the South and North Rims, click here 

Lodging Options While Visiting The Grand Canyon: There are a variety of lodging options available to you in the surrounding areas or within the park. However, remember that advanced reservations are required, especially during the summer months. Also, accommodations within the park fill up very quickly and me be booked for an entire year.

Many visitors choose to stay in Tusayan, a small community located just five miles south of the Grand Canyon. It is known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon due to it being located in the Kaibab Forest, just outside the national park entrance.

The Grand Canyon Airport is located in this small, friendly community, from which helicopter and airplane tours for the Grand Canyon come and go. You will find some of the best hotels, lodgings, and fine and casual dining locales in the Grand Canyon area.


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