Here Are 7 Ways Women Can Take Advantage of the Sharing Economy

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All the way from spare rooms to sharing rides, women can find tremendous benefits in the sharing economy, which has been estimated by PwC to be worth $335 billion by 2025. With companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber becoming household names, the sharing economy is no longer a small, niche market. Here are seven ways that women can take advantage of the latest sharing trends.


#1: Ride Sharing The first is probably the most popular and known as ride sharing. This allows commuters and travelers to schedule car rides using smartphone applications by connecting them to drivers who can pick them up. Liftshare and BlaBlaCar are two popular apps, but there are many new up-and-coming ride sharing apps and companies that have emerged from this boom. It’s so popular that there are rumors that even Google are looking to release their own car sharing app.


#2: Room Renting Airbnb allows women to rent extra rooms out to travelers and is not only limited to conventional houses. You can stay in tree houses, castles, igloos, and garages, which are only a few of the more eccentric options. This is popular with people looking for alternative accommodation to hotels, and with people who have free space in their house and have space for one or two guests.


#3: Free Parking at the Airport Don’t want to pay for parking at the airport while on vacation? With the new app known as FlightCar, you can rent out someone’s car and return it to them before they return. With FlightCar, you can drop off your car and still get a ride to the airport.


#4: Share Everyday Items Feel like sharing everyday items? With, you can loan anything you own. What are some of the things included? You will find anything from sewing machines to inflatable bounce houses.


#5: Need Small Jobs and Tasks Completed? TaskRabbit lets other people help you for a small price. If you have a task, you can find people who will help for a small fee. For example, if you need your groceries picked up, or you want someone to wait in line for you for a new product, all you have to do is say how much you will pay and request the task.


#6: Hire a Boat Boatbound, a boat-rental app, allows boat owners to rent out their prized boats. You need to be 25 years or older and have undergo a security check. Once you’ve done that, you can rent a single-person kayak for a day for $25 or a mega yacht for $7,500 a day – the choice is yours!


#7: Share Office Space With the Desktime app, businesses will list extra office space that’s up for rent. You will find that the rates will range from $5 a day to $700 a month. If you list your business on this app, you only pay two-and-a-half percent of the payment received to Desktime for the service.


These are seven ways that women can take advantage of the sharing economy. There’s lots of options out there for small business owners who want to make some extra cash on the side, or for people looking for a specific product or service but unable to pay full price for it. With 10% of small business owners at risk of bankruptcy due to cash flow issues, why not look to the shared economy for some smart ways to boost your income?

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