Hey Girl. Let’s Get Your Blog Read by Thousands!

tumblr_lxo0u37FJe1rn6tdso1_400“If you build it they will come!” This only works IN the movies.  Well, okay, it might work for a movie staring Ryan Gosling but even those need some help to make sure fans show up at the box office. The same goes for writing a blog. Here are a few tips and resources to make sure your masterpiece gets read and shared.  Let’s start from the top.

Title – Make it attention grabbing, pithy, and compelling. This is not the spot for a run on sentence. Ask a question. Be provocative. Tell people how you will solve a problem.  Use humor. Over here at Project Eve, we are much more inclined to click on something that makes us smile.  Here are some additional tips from the experts to help you create an eye catching title: 23 Power Headlines, Better Blog Titles 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Post Titles, Problogger.

Photos and Images –Who doesn’t get sucked in by a great photo or a funny graphic? (Clearly, we can’t get enough of the Hey Girl. Ryan Gosling meme.) Make your blog visually engaging. Move beyond just using bold and italics add some visuals. There are several great stock photo sites were you can spend under a dollar to get an image (it doesn’t have to be large). Here are some of our favorites: Fotolia, Dreamstime. iStock Just make sure you give proper attribution either as a caption or at the bottom of your blog.

Do you have a load of your own photos but need to edit them or add some fancy text or graphics? You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert, try PicMonkey or Pixlr they make it very easy to start the next  pop culture meme.

Editing –Take an additional look or two at your blog post with fresh eyes and re-read it. Some folks will be turned off by small mistakes. Run a spell and grammar check. Re-read it again in a different format (preview mode, an email, etc.). Repeat. Grammar is not my personal forte. I wish it were. If the piece is very important I ask Meridith (she has a BA in English) to take a look. Even friends without English degrees can help just by taking a look. There are almost always spots where you won’t see a missing comma or period after working on something for a long time. Project Eve has a couple great posts on using a copy editor (here, here and here). If your masterpiece rises above a simple blog post using one might be something to consider. Ask yourself if you are being wordy. Make the delete button your friend. The quest for perfection can drive you insane, don’t let yourself get stuck editing forever. If you never hit the publish button no one will read your great ideas.

Social Media –Market your post! No one will know about your amazing article unless you share it. Share it on Facebook! Tweet it out on Twitter! Share that awesome graphic you just created on Tumblr with a link to your article. Project Eve has a whole treasure trove of articles on using social media. Check out tips from social media experts that will help you promote the amazing content you’ve just created.  Then find some blogging networks that might be interested in publishing your piece. –Is it a fit for Project Eve? Check out our guidelines and then head over to the Add a Blog tab, get posting and we’ll share it on social media too!

What tips, tricks and resources help you draw in readers? Please share them in the comments.

Image courtesy of: SocialMediaRyanGosling on Tumblr


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