Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

exercise to combat weight gain
I am very excited about this post because I believe this will apply to many individuals who may read this. Many individuals may bust their tail in the gym and believe they are eating “right” but they don’t find themselves leaner & healthier.

Here is the gist of this post:

Eating the wrong foods (or too much of certain foods) will create problems in your body.

(example 1. consuming too much sugar which creates high insulin levels which increases the likelihood that women will develop PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or, example 2. too little iodine in your diet can hinder the performance of your thyroid).

For me, instead of getting caught up in the endless number of syndromes, illnesses and diseases that you could develop,

Focus on what to include & what to eliminate from your diet.

That will solve problems before you even know they could exist.

Not only do the wrong foods (and too much of certain foods) cause problems within the body, they will minimize the effectiveness of your efforts to lose weight.

Here are some hidden causes of weight gain and/or inability to lose weight:

1. Insufficient Sleep & Stress

-Not getting enough sleep combined with stress can cause your body to go into “preservation mode,” in which your body hangs on to any extra “energy,” like carbs & fat in order to maintain homeostasis. In other words, your body keeps this weight that you are working to lose. When your body is in this mode, you are halting healthy weight loss.

2. Food Intolerances

-Dairy & Grains:

-Food items like dairy & grains are less-than well received by most individuals’ bodies. Instead of readily digesting these foods, your body has a reaction to them, which causes your immune system to react and your digestive system to get backed up (bloating).

3. Too much Fruit (believe it or not)

-To elaborate on my aforementioned comment about consuming high levels of sugar:

having a diet that is high in sugar (this includes fruit, too) can cause your insulin levels to soar–this creates imbalance & problems in your body. In women, this can create or exacerbate Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which manifests itself at times as bloating in the midsection. This is not suggesting that fruit should be eliminated from your diet. Fruit has a plethora of healing properties and benefits. What I suggest is that we don’t do “fruit overload.” Sometimes, fruit can be a quick, easy, healthy snack. However, it is perhaps more beneficial to create this same habit with vegetables. Veggies tend to contain less sugar, yet are nutritionally dense.

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