Hiring Headache: Why Recruiters Fail to Headhunt Top Leaders

The truth is that hiring top managers as well as executives is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges faced by most recruiters. Only a small percentage of the CEOs throughout the entire world are actively interested in employment. The others might go by hundreds of offers without paying any attention to them. This is why it might be particularly hard for fast growing enterprises to actively headhunt top talent.

Obviously, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the executive search. Let’s have a look at some of the issues that you might want to actually go through and fix. Find out how to have a better shot at identifying and recruiting splendid talent.

Failing to set measurable objectives

Undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes committed by the majority of the recruiters. This is a stagnant pitfall that you have to go through from the get-go. For most executive positions, the primary objective that is required is undoubtedly the most important thing to consider.

A future CFO should know how to navigate the financial matters to enhance internal financial performance or to improve the overall financial strategy of the company in order to achieve better ROI. These are two completely different undertakings, requiring specific skill sets which are definitely quintessential when it comes to it.

Looking for experience – not for potential

The truth is that the majority of the organizations are moving far away from the generic, old-school and particularly ineffective way of hiring. The biggest mistake is to look for experience and not for potential. You are hiring someone, especially your top recruits, for what they are capable of turning your company into. You need to have your priorities and ideas locked for the future.

The potential of your employee is without a doubt the most important thing to consider. You want to hire a person who has a vision for what your enterprise needs to do in order to fulfill the clearly set objectives as stated in the first point.

Failing to provide

Make sure to make no mistakes in this regard – executives have their high expectations. This is something that you need to consider when it comes to it. You need to be capable of providing and meeting their expectation. The business environment in which the community, culture as well as the people skills are perfectly synced is something that would always be preferred.

It’s not all about the money. Sure, it’s a great incentive, but keep in mind that most of the top talents receive dozens of proposals of high-paying positions. You need to stand out in order to win talented executives and the way you do that is by offering them what they want – a working environment fit for their needs and preferences.

The interview process

The interview process is without a doubt, one of the most challenging parts to polish when it comes to your hiring process. This is something absolutely critical and you need to take it into proper consideration.

Right off the bat, you should start off by polishing up the job descriptions as well as the requirements that you have in mind. This is especially true when it comes to hiring executive positions. This is going to ensure that everything is handled perfectly and that you spread the word out in the most comprehensive and targeted way.

Lack of diversity

Even the most charismatic and confident leaders are going to fail in succeeding on their own. They need to surround themselves with people who are supportive and capable of providing advice.

That’s right – an executive isn’t going to be able to handle everything on his own. Top talented recruits are comprehensive enough to appreciate great advice and this is definitely something that you should take into proper consideration. Create a perfect blend of talents and combine them all together in one spot. Everyone has something to contribute – that’s why they are part of the team.

All in all, the thing that you need to consider is that hiring top talents require more effort on behalf of the recruiter. This is especially true in the particularly dynamic environment that we currently live in. Companies come and go and some of them become overnight success stories. This doesn’t mean that they’ve succeeded in a night – it means they’ve done the necessary to achieve a rapid growth which seems near-instant to the majority of people.

This, however, requires a lot more than just a solid monetary investment. Talents are no longer attracted by money alone and this has failed at being the most critical consideration. Great leaders and top talents no longer seek only money. They seek a perfect blend of circumstances which would allow them to unleash their overall potential and if they fail to identify it, they will just pass. There is a significant starvation for top talent and people who have it are well aware of it. This is the main reason for which they know they can allow themselves and they can afford to pass on seemingly attractive offers if all they provide is money.

The Bottom line

Top talents seek room for improvement as this is something absolutely critical in the world that we currently live in. This is something that you need to take into account. If you fail to move forward, you are essentially falling behind. The world moves quickly and you need to move with it. This is why constant improvement is quintessential when it comes to it and you must take it under the most serious consideration. This is definitely one of the things which would eventually allow you to recruit top talent.



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