Why Homemade Iced Coffee Doesn’t Taste as Good as What You Buy

The temperature is rising which probably means the temperature of your coffee is dropping. It seems like a no brainer that you’re starting to crave an iced coffee over your usual hot brew. There’s nothing like a cool refreshing jolt of caffeine to get you going on a hot summer day. But, that daily icy rush can start to burn a hole in your wallet.

If you’ve tried to make your own iced coffee at home to save a few bucks you may have quickly noticed that it doesn’t come close to what you get at your favorite java hut. The big question is…why? Isn’t it just as easy as brewing a cup of hot coffee and pouring it over a cup of ice? Not really.

Let’s start with your machine. Obviously the chain coffee shops we all love have industrial strength coffee makers. Since we all can’t put a coffee shop in our kitchen, the pros suggest switching to a French press to brew your coffee.  But, if you want to make café quality iced coffee you can’t just brew hot coffee in the press and pour it over ice. While it may taste a little better, you’re not going to come close to what you’re buying pre-made.

That’s why a lot of people are turning to the French press.

homemade iced coffee
A French Press could help make homemade iced coffee taste better.

People swear it is the best homemade iced coffee. That’s because they steep and chill it overnight. So, if you’re one to rush around in the morning, you’re going to need to plan ahead.

By using cold water and giving the coffee grounds more time to steep, you’re making a better cup of coffee. Many of the big name coffee shops follow this process in some way. That’s why it tastes so good! Do you see them take the hot coffee and pour it over a cup of ice and slide it across the counter? We all know the answer.

If you go the French press route you need to make sure you are grinding your coffee beans fresh. This is another reason why the iced coffee you make at home doesn’t taste as good as what you buy. Coffee shops are using the freshest ground beans. If you’re trying to copy their cup of coffee, you need to grind your beans fresh before you make your brew.

homemade iced coffee
Use fresh beans for the best brew.

If you use coffee that is already ground, there is a chance you’ll never get that full-bodied taste.

If you’re not convinced about the French press and don’t want to cheat on your regular coffee maker, there is another way to try to get your home iced coffee to taste better. You can always brew a regular pot. But, make sure to chill it for a few hours. Once it’s cold then you could pour it over ice. An even better idea is to actually make coffee flavored iced cubes. This will definitely help in your quest for a better brew. It will give it a less watered down taste. Once you add your cream and any other flavors you like you may come pretty close to a “professional” brew.

While making a better cup of iced coffee at home isn’t difficult, you can’t take shortcuts. You either need to brew your coffee ahead of time and chill it or invest in a French press. If you don’t, then you can always expect to have a cup of coffee that tastes too acidic or one that is too watered down. You’ll also be disappointed and opt to go out and spend more money on coffee that you really don’t have to. Instead of jolting your wallet, stay home and chill with a cup of iced coffee!


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