How are you keeping cool?

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With the insane heatwave that is gripping California and much of the western U.S. (my car thermometer said it was 111 degrees outside at one point yesterday), everyone seems to be talking about how they are keeping cool.

Diving into giant, cold pool is probably my first choice. But since that’s not an option most days iced coffee is one of my favorite options. Certainly it gets a leg up in that it doesn’t involve me having to deal with wet hair and, depending on what I put in it, can be pretty low calorie. Weather its yesterday’s dregs over ice with some half and half,  spendy gourmet cold-brewed, or a venti, unsweetened with room from my local Starbucks I’m not terribly picky.

Apparently, not being too picky about my iced coffee  puts me in the minority, according to the infographic below by Crowdtap on some of the men (35%) they polled might actually move to get closer to their favorite brand. Move?!? Wow, that’s some brand loyalty we need to get some marketing experts to interview these guys pronto. OR maybe we need to get a professional pollster to figure out how to rephrase that question.  -Ladies, you seem to be a bit more practical, while many of you (73%) said you were willing to “like” your favorite brand on Facebook but none of you said were willing to move.

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