How Business Can Deliver Better Customer Experience Via Social Media

Customer Experience

The internet has revolutionized how businesses work. Businesses, seasoned ones or newbies, with a dedicated, continuous, and quick effort can mark the best impact on customers via the internet. It is now the best way for a business to impress customers and versatility of platforms are available to help the cause, such as- website, social media, etc. Among all, social media has come up as one of the foremost platforms for direct interactions with clients. Hence, it is essential for businesses to deliver better customer experience via social media. Due to this, companies have to reconfigure themselves so that they can maintain their efficiency. The companies, which fail to realize it, are in big trouble.

Social media has given immense power to the consumers, allowing them to express their views on a large scale about your company, be it positive or negative. The factors that define customer experience have changed now. While making a call to the customers or replying via email sufficed in the past, it just won’t do in today’s world. On social media, the customers are aggressive and their expressions are publically visible, often. That is where companies should strive to deliver.

Following are a few tips that your company deliver better customer experience via social media.

Cater To The Customers

In the past, it was the sellers that controlled the marketplace. They decided how and when customers can shop. However with the advent of the internet age that is no longer the case. The seat of power has shifted from the seller to the buyer. Any company that wants to keep running in the race has to make sure that it is delivering to the customers exactly what they want. If they fail to do so they will find that some upstart newcomer has taken over the market and will be ousting them in no time.

The reviews of the customers, their demands, their needs, and their expectations – Everything should be catered to with utmost diligence. Companies should ensure that they have proper channels to get the most information out of their existing clientele so that they can improve the experience of potential customers as well.

Go Where The Customers Are

The internet is a very big playground. There are thousands of websites where existing as well as potential customers hang out. While a lot of these websites come and go, most of the more popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are here to stay. Have a rich presence in these websites and engage with your customer base on these websites.

The modes of communication vary as much as the individual customers. Some are content with sending an email to you, but other might prefer tweeting or posting on your company’s profile page. You have to be omnipresent on all the more famous channels. This creates not only a better customer experience but a reputation for the brand as well because the social media channels are open for all to see. The friends of your clients will be viewing your interaction with them and depending on you managed the interaction they may be willing to choose you as well.

Deliver Quick Service

Social Media has made communication incredibly fast and even more incredibly far-reaching. A single post made by a dissatisfied customer can go viral and be viewed by thousands of people in a matter of hours. Negative tweets, posts or comments can end up running a business forever. This is the reason why companies should ensure that they have people set up to address complaints as fast as possible. A study by Lithium technologies has shown that 58% people expect a company to reply back to a tweet demand in less than an hour. Moreover this number increases to 72% if the said tweet is a complaint.

Another study made by VB Insight reports that the customers of today complain about brands on Facebook a staggering 879 million times in a year. This means that even a slight mistake on your part can end up getting posted on Facebook. The only thing that can stop this from making a deal breaker is if you respond to that complaint in a positive manner quickly. This will demonstrate your willingness to look after your customers.

Use The New Technologies Available At Your Disposal

While social media has added a lot of extra troubles, it’s not a problem without a solution. Technology has given power not only to the customers but to the sellers as well. There are many tools available these days to enable customer service agents to handle interactions across various channels. Any company that wants to stay on top should definitely invest in these technologies that can let them handle inbound complaints and questions with ease.

Integrated CRM software, Predictive Dialer, video conferencing tools, chat and email assimilator, and hosting other applications specific to your business can be very helpful in delivering the best experience to your customers no matter which channel of interaction they are using. And as they say, a happy customer is the best form of advertisement. Thus, what might look like an extra financial burden ultimately ends up profiting the company.

Wrapping It Up

Social Media has taken the whole world in a storm and proved to be an influential platform to deliver better customer experience via social media. From the teeniest of events to global scale phenomenon, it affects everything. Any organizations that fail to recognize this simple truth will be washed away forever. Companies must adapt and change their strategy so that they can use social media to provide the best experience for their customers. Staying up to date with the trends and technology of today will ensure satisfied customers, better client relations, and maximized efficiency.


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