How To Weed Out Tire Kickers and Boost Profits

No matter what kind of business you are in, there are tire kickers who’d make a beeline to your doors just to squeeze your time out with nothing to show for it, ever.

Time is money, and money is money.

No matter what kind of business you are in, there are tire kickers who’d make a beeline to your doors just to squeeze your time out with nothing to show for it, ever.

Tire kickers waste billions of dollars in lost time and opportunity cost (because you’d be better of spending time and resources for people who are likely to buy instead).

As a business, you are to blame if you notice too many tire kickers kicking you about in the marketplace. It’s not their fault. That’s why, you ought to take these steps to ensure that you spend time and money to facilitate real orders and meet customers who are willing to buy from you.

Here are a few things you should to do weed out tire kickers:

Where’s that focus?

Even before you think of launching a business or thinking of solving problems for your customers, determine who exactly your customers are.

If the answer to that question is “anyone”, you are in the wrong business. Your market then teams with a million tire kickers already.

The more you focus your brand, product or services for a particular set of customers, the easier it is for you to identify your opportunities to sell.

So, it could be like this:

  • We sell routers and switches. Our target buyers are purchase managers or chief engineers with corporations with at least 1.2 million in turnover per year.

  • Our product is a web-based accounting tool only for global freelancers.

  • Our banking product is for globetrotters.

Weed Out Tire Kickers -Woman Sitting on a TireKeep it exclusive

Ever see what a few brands do with respect to who can actually even consider buying? Land Rover wants to sell luxury for off road enthusiasts or SUV lovers. Bentley- Rolls Royce only wants to sell for the super affluent. American Express cards have long been invitation-only.

Create an exclusive club. Make it look like not everyone can gain access to your services and products.  Keeping it exclusive works great for branding and keeps those tire kickers out.

If we can’t afford it, we won’t bother prancing around in a Rolls-Royce showroom, do we?

Make yourself aspirational

Compare Regus co-working solutions to any other co-working solutions in your market and you’ll know that Regus isn’t just expensive; it’s also aspirational. When you work out of Regus or get their global business pass, you are guaranteed a working office anywhere in the world.

When you buy a cheap bicycle, a Bergamont seems aspirational. Buy a dingy, old jalopy and a BMW gets aspirational.

Let tire kickers roam the woods. Make your product seem aspirational, expensive, and well worth the price.

Build systems and automation

You don’t want to spend too much time pandering the collective egos, curiosity, or the unending stream of questions from tire kickers. Yet, you are never too sure if someone who was just asking around wants to be a life-long customer.

Initiate systems and processes in place to cater to initial requests, pre-sales questions, and to handle objections.

  • Automate messages on Twitter.

  • Try using a collaboration tool to whittle away messages into a folder or a label like “Do this when you can” for your team to follow up.

Think about building systems that’ll handle every request or question. Yet, no time is spent on actually wasting time where it shouldn’t be.

What do you have in place for keeping tire kickers at bay?


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