How Dad Fostered My Entrepreneurial Spirit

Growing up, both of my parents have been such wonderful influences in my life. My father definitely had an entrepreneurial spirit and I watched him foster ideas, create inventions and tinker with electronics and prototypes.

All of my life I knew I was going to be my own boss and lucky for me, every person in my family has been a huge supporter of my work from day one. Because my dad and I both have a love of entrepreneurship, I wanted to share some sweet stories of women whose father’s were instrumental in their journies and share some things my dad taught me.
Here’s what I learned from my dad, Mike Burns:

You’re safe, take the leap.
Starting a business is SCARY. SKA-AIR-EEEEE. Chic CEO is here to help you take some of the risk out of it, but no matter what, there is an element of fear that comes with calling the shots. In every major endeavor or undertaking of my life, my dad has reminded me that I can always come home. And what he means by that is that no matter how hard I fail, no matter how big I screw up, no matter how much money I lose – I can come home to him and all will be right with the world. I have a safe place to land – no matter what. That kind of support and trust in my dream means the world to me, but even more that that – I value that he wants me to chase hard after my dreams and take risks – whether I succeed or not.

(PS – I will absolutely succeed.)

There is always time to laugh.
My dad happens to be one of the funniest fellas I know. His quick wit was easy to inherit as he can make anyone smile or laugh within seconds of meeting them. Learning this skill has been invalueable to me as it creates relationships quickly and creating relationships is a cornerstone of our business. I am thankful for learning this skill and use it in almost every daily interaction.

Tenacious S.
Last summer my dad bought a lawn mower online from Sears. Within a couple of weeks it broke so he loaded it the car and took it back. Sears told my dad that because he bought it online he couldn’t return it in the store. After a half hour of my dad just standing there talking to the guy about it, he finally said to my dad, “You aren’t going to leave are you?”
The guy finally gave in and refunded my dad’s money and kept the lawn mower.

My dad does not give up. EVER. The tenacity that is innate within me is a direct result of watching my dad never, ever give up. I don’t have to be the smartest or the strongest – I just have to keep going.
Thanks Dad – XO,

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